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Digital Marketing Made Easy

Here at Prompt, we have a focus on using technology to simplify the business end of your practice, allowing you to focus on providing the highest quality of care. Quite a few clients have come to us asking for guidance on marketing, building their brand locally, and acquiring new patients. This is undeniably a very important part of building a sustainable business. It’s also undeniably a fragmented space with everything from outdated newspaper marketing, to Google, to small agencies that might just take your pocketbook for a ride. 

We set out to identify a foundational marketing channel to recommend to our clients. We wanted this solution to be in line with our technology – seamlessly integrated and easy to use. Our main criteria were:

  • Low cost and high value, minimal wasted ad dollars
  • Measurable
  • Easy to use, lightweight and technologically sound
  • Self-service, no binding contracts

We thoroughly researched quite a few options, spoke to users and to people at various companies. Through the process, it became clear to us that there is a favorable player in the space; AdHouse. AdHouse uses machine learning to build a customized ad for you and then allows you to show it on websites like CNN, NY Times, Men’s Health, WebMD, etc. They state that you can launch a customized ad in under 60 seconds with no prior experience, something we’ve found to be true.

To prevent wasted dollars, AdHouse has some pretty unique targeting capabilities in place. You can target specific zip codes, patients who have specific insurance providers, and specific demographics. They bring all of this in at a stunningly low rate; 20,000 ads for $100. 

In terms of measurability, they not only tell you exactly how many ads you’ve shown, but they also automatically track the number of clicks that the ads have driven to your website. This provides a new level of measurability versus some of the channels you may be used to such as billboard, radio, and newspaper.

For all of these reasons, we now recommend AdHouse as the go-to marketing tool for any Physical Therapy practice that is interested in growing their brand locally, bringing in new patients, or generating more traffic to their website. We’ve also struck up a partnership with AdHouse to ensure that users of Prompt are treated with the highest level of service when using AdHouse. Feel free to reach out to our support team to be connected, or simply mention that you’re a Prompt customer when reaching out to the AdHouse team for access to a higher level of service and potential discounts.

Prompt Staff

Prompt Therapy Solutions builds practice management software for physical therapy clinics ranging from single provider practices and startups, to large enterprise organizations.