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Eligibility Tracking in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy clinics lose up to 27% of their potential revenue each year, partially due to not having the ability to track patient eligibility in an effective manner. Prompt EMR was built to alleviate this problem and create a streamlined way for users to avoid treating ineligible patients.

The problem:

  1. Patients treated without eligibility remaining
  2. Front desk employees have no ability to track remaining visits on scripts and pre-certifications
  3. EMR systems do not give the ability to update eligibility information
  4. Users cannot trust the electronic verification of benefits
  5. Clinics lose money due to treating patients with expired authorizations

From a physical therapy clinic owner

“Prior to using Prompt EMR and practice management, my clinic had no ability to track eligibility or script information in our EMR software,” Lawrence Kim, owner of Edge Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine said. “We handled the issue with an Excel spreadsheet that were outdated and did not give any visibility to all of my employees on patient eligibility.”

Prompt’s solution

Prompt EMR and practice management software was built with these issues in mind. We solve the eligibility and script tracking problem in the following ways:

  1. Insurance eligibility info entered and tracked
  2. System to update eligibility info after receiving an update from the insurance carrier
  3. Add scripts, pre-certifications, and authorizations that update in real time
  4. Visual indicators when scripts/pre-certs/authorizations/eligibility near expiration

From a physical therapy clinic owner

“The Prompt solution to eligibility and script tracking dramatically improved my clinics,” Dr. Kim said. “We no longer treat patients without eligibility and it instantly saved us a ton of aggravation and lost revenue.”

Prompt EMR and practice management – a fully-integrated physical therapy software platform

Learn more about how Prompt EMR and practice management changes the landscape in physical therapy with a revolutionary approach to software. With built-in documentation, billing, and Medicare logic, Prompt provides therapists, front desk employees, billers, and owners the tools they need to reduce clinic inefficiencies, grow profit margins, and improve patient outcomes.

See how Prompt EMR and practice management can help your clinic! Schedule a demo today!

Prompt Staff

Prompt Therapy Solutions builds practice management software for physical therapy clinics ranging from single provider practices and startups, to large enterprise organizations.

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