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How Prompt Reporting Helps Physical Therapy Owners

Existing EMR systems ineffective reporting tools harm owners of physical therapy clinics. Prompt’s solution changes that.


Most owners of a physical therapy clinic were once students beginning their journey to become practitioners. As students, they dedicated their time to learn the techniques/methods needed to provide the highest quality-of-care possible. What PT clinic owners may not realize in their time as students, the concept of quality-of-care not only lives in the practice of physical therapy but on the business side. After all, those who went to school for physical therapy studied to the great practitioners not business owners.

Even the most successful of clinic owners can relate to PT school not preparing them for what it means to run a profitable clinic. We spoke with William Caddoo, owner of Patient First Physical Therapy in Waltham, Massachusetts about this issue. “When I got into physical therapy, my goal was to treat patients,” he said. “I never learned the business side of physical therapy until I owned a clinic. Luckily, Prompt helps us run our clinic efficiently and takes the headache away.”

We at Prompt recognize the transition students of PT need to make in order to become great business owners. Through this recognition, we built our platform with the tools to allow our users to do just that and become leaders of the industry.

Legacy EMR reporting issues

Legacy EMR systems currently used by physical therapy clinic owners do not provide owners with the ability to oversee their clinic. Systems used by clinic owners today require multiple platforms to manage the entire clinic, reducing visibility across stakeholders within the practice. Lack of fully-integrated software negatively impacts billers, therapists and front-desk employees from completing their job functions on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, the lack of a fully-integrated platform removes the ability for users to get effective reporting in a reasonable way. On top of that, most EMRs provide visually unappealing reports that are hard to interpret and relatively useless. This is a problem that Prompt refers to as Information Overload.

The Prompt solution

So, how is Prompt different?

Clinic dashboard

Prompt has revolutionized the industry with a real-time dashboard that at a glance, gives a clinic owner or manager an understanding of their entire clinic at that point in time. When accessing the Dashboard, the user knows that the goal is to have every report reading at zero, meaning the clinic is operating at peak efficiency. If they see a report spiking, they know exactly who is responsible for managing that report and can handle the issues in real-time.

Live, actionable data that are easy to interpret and act on.

Examples of the Dashboard Reports include Unsubmitted Claims, Unposted ERAs, Uncollected Patient Balances, Past Due Notes, Expiring Authorizations or Plan of Care’s, Past Due Progress Notes and more!

Robust real-time analytics

In addition to the Dashboard, Prompt provides visually appealing, robust reports that matter to each end-user, all on one platform. From one screen, an owner, biller, therapist and front-desk employee see different reports to verify they complete the tasks needed to run an effective clinic.

Why are we different?

We found it ridiculous that clinic owners were unable to interpret the profitability and success of their clinic on existing EMR systems. It is insane that employees within a clinic cannot track their own individual success. And finally, we found it absurd that clinics have to run 2-6 pieces of software to manage their entire practice.

On Prompt EMR and practice management each user gets visually appealing reports that matter. Additionally, an owner gets daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports that let them judge the success of their clinic. No more multiple logins. No more ugly reports. No more wasted time and money.

Schedule a demo below to learn more about Prompt EMR & Practice Management software and learn how your clinic can grow revenue by 27% or more in the first year!

Prompt EMR and practice management – a fully-integrated physical therapy software platform

Learn more about how Prompt EMR and practice management is changing the landscape in physical therapy with a revolutionary approach to software. With built-in documentation, billing, and Medicare logic, Prompt provides therapists, front desk employees, billers and owners the tools they need to reduce clinic inefficiencies, grow profit margins, and improve patient outcomes.

See how Prompt EMR and practice management can help your clinic! Schedule a demo today!

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Prompt Therapy Solutions builds practice management software for physical therapy clinics ranging from single provider practices and startups, to large enterprise organizations.

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