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How Using Prompt Can Help Attract and Retain Clinicians at Your Practice

Talking with prospective hires at an outpatient rehab clinic.

Staffing shortages are a widespread problem facing the outpatient rehab industry, and the healthcare industry as a whole. In Prompt’s latest customer survey, hiring was revealed as the single biggest challenge that clinics are struggling with, along with retaining qualified providers once they’re brought in. Our data shows that technology-related burnout is a major contributing factor.

With outdated or cumbersome tech, your providers will waste hours a day on tedious tasks. And clinicians on the job market are increasingly aware of the issue, seeking clinics that can provide the best possible tools for the job alongside the best wages and working conditions.

Prompt was designed with the complete provider experience in mind, and the goal of minimizing their time spent on our software so they can maximize time spent with patients. It also streamlines the daily routines for admins and front desk staff, improving accuracy and efficiency. Not only does this all improve the quality of life at clinics, but allows them to boost profitability — so they can offer higher wages to staff across the board. 

For all these reasons and more, Prompt has become not only a boon for clinic operations but the hiring and recruiting process as well. Some clinics use this one-pager that does a great job of explaining the value of working at a practice that has invested in a software solution that minimizes administrative tasks and allows its providers to focus on doing what they love: helping their patients get better.     

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What our customers are saying

Happier providers equals higher staff retention, along with better patient outcomes and word of mouth — and in turn, a more profitable and scalable practice.

We could talk your ears off about why Prompt can benefit your business, your team, and your clients. But don’t just take it from us; read what Prompt users are saying about how switching to Prompt transformed their clinics:

“With Prompt, our PT’s are SOOOO much more timely, most of them are completed with their documentation as the patient is exiting the building.” – Brian F, Practice Owner (Florida)

“Prompt has changed the way I document. It saves time, is efficient and user-friendly. It incorporates all important information that is required for an ideal note.” – Sharvari S, Physical Therapist (New York)

“Prompt is an excellent documentation system for physical therapy… It is efficient, has an excellent billing component, and I would recommend it to any physical therapist/organization.” – Christopher S, Physical Therapist (Washington)

“We are already spending about half as much time on documentation.” – Mark O, Practice Owner (Oregon)

“By the third week on Prompt, I was completing evals and faxing them before the patient left the building.” – Cory B, Physical Therapist (Colorado)

You can read more experiences like these on Prompt’s customer stories or in online reviews, and see why so many PTs, OTs, and SLPs are rediscovering their love for work when working at a Prompt clinic.

“What EMR are you using?”

As EMR and practice management software becomes more and more of a daily fixture in outpatient treatment, your staff will rely on it to perform at their highest, happiest, and healthiest level. And prospective hires will factor it into their decision, just like they will your other equipment and how you manage the business. 

With Prompt as your all-in-one EMR solution, you can invest in your team’s happiness, with technology that amplifies their ability to make a difference rather than hinder it. When a provider asks, “What EMR are you using?” we hope that they’ll be excited to hear you say Prompt. 

If you are a current Prompt customer, please feel free to download the one-pager today to share during interviews. 

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