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Takeaways from Prompt’s Latest Customer Survey, Q2 2023

Prompt user takes a customer survey

Prompt just concluded its bi-annual customer survey where we asked our users to share honest insights about the platform, their practice, and the rehab industry as a whole. As always, we found some remarkable insights and are excited to share some of them with you here! 

Prompt was designed to help improve the lives of rehab therapists and clinic staff, so they can better improve the lives of patients. Clinic needs are always evolving, and so is our platform. One major way we do this – perhaps the most major – is getting honest thoughts and feedback from our customers. Here are a few examples of highly requested features we’ve shipped since our last survey:

  • Scheduling drag-and-drop
  • Therapist daily rundown
  • Pre-charting capabilities

That’s just a small example of how user feedback has shaped and will continue to shape our product development, both from our surveys and direct feature requests our customers send us.

“Whenever we come up with an idea that we think can improve process and efficiency, we are able to submit a feature request form to Prompt, and unlike in our past experiences, many times Prompt is able to build and deliver these features to add value not just to our team, but all of their clients.” – Brewer Physical Therapy

Our sincerest “thanks!” to our amazing customers for all their time and energy. Here are some of the biggest findings from this most recent survey:

The labor market and other challenges

The rehab therapy industry is among the many facing challenges related to the economy and labor market. Around 55.3% of respondents said that is harder to hire new therapists today compared to one year ago, 28.5% feel it’s mostly the same, and only 17.2% indicated that it’s easier today than a year ago. At the same time, more than half (51.1%) said that therapist wages are basically the same – from 0-10% higher than last year – while 38.9% said wages are 10-20% higher, and 1 in 10 customers said wages have gone up more than 20% since last year.

Hiring and retaining qualified providers is far and away the biggest current challenge facing clinics, along with the scheduling headaches that come with that, based on responses to our survey. This is followed by reimbursement issues, notably declining or stagnant reimbursement rates from payers as operational costs continue to surge.

Finding the right tools for the job

The right tools can help practices minimize their operational challenges, deliver better care, and attract more staff across departments. We know that outpatient therapy clinics have choices when it comes to the software they use, from billing and scheduling to plans of care and visit notes. And clinics are often looking to change from their current EMR platforms for a number of reasons.

According to our customers, the top reason that clinics start considering a new solution are:

Where Prompt comes in

Prompt was started out of the belief that technology could help outpatient therapy clinics fight the many headwinds facing the industry today. Some of the biggest challenges include staff burnout and clinic profitability. Therefore, our survey digs into staff efficiency, staff satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Some key data points from their responses:

  • 91% of owners believe their company is either more or significantly more efficient since switching to Prompt
  • 88% of owners believe their employees are either more or significantly more satisfied since switching to Prompt
  • 89% of owners believe that their revenue per visit has either increased or significantly increased since switching to Prompt

By improving staff efficiency and boosting clinic revenue, practices can overcome the challenges of decreasing reimbursement rates and rising costs associated with staffing and other expenses.

These improvements translated to the client experience as well. The survey revealed that Prompt users had an average increase in their overall satisfaction (using Net Promoter Score or “NPS” methodology) of 69.8 points from their previous EMR.

At Prompt, we consider ourselves an extension of your practice. While our technology is valuable, it’s only useful if used properly. That’s where our customer success team comes into play. In fact, support is one of Prompt’s most highly rated “Features.” In the survey, customers rated the level of support they receive 71.1 satisfaction points higher than their previous EMR. From there, each primary role had a specific feature they highlighted as their favorite:

  • Clinicians’ favorite feature: therapist daily rundown
  • Billers’ favorite feature: automated claim posting
  • Admin’s favorite feature: easy patient scheduling, and tracking of auths and POC compliance

All in all, our team was incredibly honored by this feedback from our customers, and the knowledge that Prompt is such a game changer for clinics and their patients as well. This survey is pivotal in how we learn what we’re doing right and what we can be doing better, so Prompt remains the all-in-one solution that our customers trust and love. Thanks again to all our customers for helping Prompt become what it is today, and we can’t wait to see what we can build together in the near future. 

Prompt Staff

Prompt Therapy Solutions builds practice management software for physical therapy clinics ranging from single provider practices and startups, to large enterprise organizations.

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