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Providing Powerful PT Software is Not Enough in 2020

A Customer Centric Era

In this day and age, it is no longer adequate to just provide a great piece of physical therapy software. Today the average consumer is accustomed to an immaculate level of service, whether we realize it or not. We have free 2-day shipping on everything we order, risk-free returns, and 24/7customer support lines. These items just did not exist anywhere a decade ago. In terms of Software as a Service, the requirements for Customer Success are a bit more complicated. The questions are not yes and no, the product is not just a product but actually, a platform to run your entire business with, and the customer’s expectations are not static, they are constantly adapting and evolving. A decade ago a decent Electronic Medical Records software that would allow you to meet the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule more easily and digitize your records was adequate, today it should not be.

What is Customer Success?

In this business, 99% of the relationship with our customers happens after a sale is made and a license agreement is signed. From a customer success standpoint, it does not matter how the sales process progressed, it matters how we can meet the needs of our customers to help them run their business. The needs, however, are not easily defined. You can no longer simply ‘be nice’. You have to be informative for your users. That is what customer success is in a nutshell: Our users do not care about a feature release, they care about running their business every day, so expressing how the software, and more specifically, how feature releases help you do that is what customer success is for me. Customer success is relaying that message and in order to do that, you need to have a deep understanding of how physical therapists use their EMR, how the front desk schedules visits and interacts with patients, and how billers handle their workflows. Ultimately, informing users on how the software can help not only achieve those flows, but also how it can automate many of them is essential. 

How Do You Achieve Customer Success?

Customer Support + Deep Understanding of Intended Outcomes + Adaptation

Part 1 of this series of blogs will cover Customer Support at Prompt. Below we will highlight our 4 main avenues to achieving the highest level of customer support in the Physical Therapy Software Industry:


  • Our entire knowledge base (help articles) are accessible from each user’s site and it actually suggests relevant articles depending on where the user currently is on Prompt when they try to access the help articles. We call this Smart Help.
  • >75% of customers prefer self-service to address support issues, so it is imperative that we keep support articles up to date as we release new features and as the platform evolves to allow users to answer their own questions.

Ease of Access

  • We have live chat support that is accessible in each user’s site. The user can ask a question, continue with their work, and in an average of 1-2 minutes get a response to their question from a core team member.
  • There is no need for a user to leave their work and jump to another piece of software to see the response. Simply click on the ‘Need Help?’ button with your new message indicator and the support response will appear in  the chat modal.


  • We will NEVER outsource our support. It costs us a lot of time and money to keep all of our support in-house, but it would cost us far more to offer poor support. That is a “cost” we are happy to incur. Live Support requests go to our entire team and that enables fast, QUALITY responses. 


  • Lastly, all users have my personal cell phone number and my email. They also have the onboarding team’s emails and numbers, the sales team’s emails and numbers, and the company’s phone number that will link you to the whole team. Seriously, if you cannot reach us then something is catastrophically wrong.  

What’s Next?

  • In Part 2 of this article, we will discuss the many other avenues to Customer Success because customer support is only a small piece of the pie. Next up will be how we achieve a deep understanding of intended outcomes.

Until then, BE WELL!

Alec Baliatico

Director of Customer Success at Prompt Therapy Solutions.