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Revolutionizing the Physical Therapy Industry

Finally, a company built a physical therapy EMR designed to optimize the workflows for every employee at a physical therapy clinic. We are going to solve the $10.7 billion problem in the physical therapy industry.

Integrating all aspects of a physical therapy clinic into one easy-to-use, modern EMR enabled Prompt to create a revolutionary platform that will accomplish three things. First, we will grow clinic revenues by optimizing your billing practices. Second, we will improve patient quality of care by improving the speed at which therapists can document, allowing them to spend more time with patients. Finally, we will remove the need to run multiple pieces of software, streamlining your entire clinic.

Built from the ground up with clinic employees needs in mind, Prompt EMR has undergone extensive testing and proven to be a better solution for therapists, front desk employees, office managers, billers, and clinic owners alike.


Prompt EMR features include:

  • Fully-integrated physical therapy EMR platform that handles all clinic tasks, including scheduling, documentation, billing, reporting, and more. Modern user interface that looks and feels the same on any device. That’s right, it works the same on desktop, tablet, or mobile!
  • Click-based documentation system that is optimized for a therapist’s workflow. While we still report to SOAP format, the user interface is laid out much different. We have built documentation best practices into our system so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Billing mode “Master Screen” that enables you to take all billing related functions from one screen. Yes, you can review a claim, check the notes, edit line items, submit claims, and post claims all from the same screen.
  • Billing AI system that optimizes your claim submission to maximize revenue, with our billing tips and Medicare guidelines built into the system to allow you to focus on treating patients!
  • Advanced analytics platform that easily displays important information to relevant parties.
  • Partnerships with leaders in the physical therapy industry such as Verktyg USA.

Client Testimonial

Lawrence Kim, DPT, Owner of Edge Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine – “Prompt EMR is totally changing the game for physical therapy clinics. Prompt has enabled my front desk employees to more efficiently track patient visits and eligibility, my therapists to document more quickly and in a defensible manner, and my biller to easily submit and track claims.”

Rick Daigle, DPT, Owner of Too Far North Fitness – “As a cash-only center, Prompt EMR is a great platform that allows me to easily track patient balances, print HCFAs for patients, and manage my documentation and patient home exercise programs quickly and easily.”

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Prompt Staff

Prompt Therapy Solutions builds practice management software for physical therapy clinics ranging from single provider practices and startups, to large enterprise organizations.

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