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Say Hello to Prompt 7.0, and More Time Savings at Your Clinic

Prompt Version 7.0 release

Give a friendly welcome to Prompt 7.0! With help from the amazing input of Prompt’s customers, we’re thrilled to introduce a smorgasbord of feature updates to our platform, each designed to save you time, improve the patient experience, and grow your practice.

Here we’ll walk through some of the features we’re most excited about in this huge release, and how they will support your team’s mission to deliver exceptional care and outcomes, scale faster, and–as sappy as it sounds, but we really believe it–rediscover your love for work.

What’s new for owners

Eval and POC Completion Alerts

Documentation compliance can feel like a moving goal post, with plenty that can fall through the cracks no matter how diligent you are. In Prompt Version 7, practice owners and managers can use two new alerts to help ensure compliance across all active cases.

These new alert settings can:

  • Require (or suggest) goals be added to evals, re-evals, POCs, or Progress Notes before checkout
  • Make sure the eval note is done prior to a follow-up note

With these (sometimes) gentle nudges, you can ensure all the most important case information in your records is accurate and up to date for both your records and compliance purposes. 

What’s new for clinicians

Therapist Command Line

The Therapist Command Line is our latest way to speed up your note-taking without compromising compliance. No more searching for templates or existing patient data. Command that they come to you, with some simple typing shortcuts (both slash commands and dynamic tokens) right in the documentation box. 

Prompt Version 7 testimonials

What’s new for billers

Bulk Modify Co-Pay Tool

One of many fresh billing features is a way to resolve patient balance issues in record time, with a record low amount of headaches. Now your clinic’s billing team can adjust co-pays/visit charges on groups of patients at once. This joins various other bulk billing actions in Prompt that shave hours off the usual routine so your team can keep the business running, with more time and energy to address complex billing issues.

Timely Filing Limits

Stop claim submission deadlines from sneaking past you. Billers can stay ahead by tracking timely filing limits—down to the day!—when setting rules for each payer you work with. You can toggle these for each payer in your system and run reports to see a list of which claims are within 30 days of timely filing and are still in the Review, Hold, or Open buckets.

Along with these two features, we’ll soon be rolling out our Billing 2.0 platform, which we’ve been working on over the past year. The first feature will be a new-and-improved In Review Bucket. Over the next several months, we’ll also be overhauling the Claim Modal, Open Bucket, ERA Modal, Patience Balance Bucket, Billing Filters, Closed Bucket, and Hold Bucket. Plus, we’ll add new views and enhance your Biller Productivity Reporting, A/R Reporting, and overall Billing Reporting.

What’s new for admins

Automatic Send of Online Booking Links

Administrators can now ensure each patient gets an online booking link sent to them the morning after their first visit if you forget to send it during that first appointment. This convenient setting can be a safeguard that supports your team’s busy schedule, makes sure patients can keep their treatments going, and contributes to POC compliance across all the active patients you’re providing care for. 

Benefits Verification Tracker

In Prompt 7.0, clinic administrators can easily log insurance verifications and see ‘X’ and checkmark labels indicating a patient’s insurance verification status. Bonus: You can also download an Active Cases report showing all patients with unverified benefits, so your team can follow up with them for updated information.

Do your best work on Prompt!

We’ve poured a lot of love into this latest, greatest version of Prompt, and couldn’t have done it without the feedback and support of our incredible customers. We hope each new feature makes your daily lives easier, eliminates blockers for your business, and allows you and your team to spend more time engaging with patients and helping them reach their treatment goals. We can’t wait to hear what they help you achieve, and we’ll keep plugging away at more updates that meet the evolving needs of your growing clinic! 

Interested in learning more about how Prompt can help your practice run more efficiently, see more patients, and spend time on more meaningful work? Take a guided dashboard tour or schedule a demo with an expert on our team. 

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