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Fresh Updates in Prompt’s Practice Management Software

Over the past several months, Prompt EMR & Practice Management has pushed several major software updates that have enhanced the functionality of the system, leading to improved profitability and efficiency for our end users. Here is a look at some of the recent updates and how they are impacting clinics.

Communications and Task Management Tool

Version 4.10, released on October 5th, featured an internal communications and task management tool. This tool will enable users to get off email and third party communication systems. The tool enables users within a clinic to communicate about visits, patient cases/accounts, and files efficiently with @-style tagging. The tagging system is similar to what you see on many social media platforms.

When a user tags another user, they receive a notification as well as a “Pending task” in their dashboard. The user can click on the task to launch the patient’s chart or visit, enabling them to complete the task. After they complete it, they can notify the other user they have taken the required actions.

Many clinics are currently operating with a large number of support staff working virtually or remotely. This tool ensures that these virtual teams work effectively together and continue to complete tasks in a timely manner. Additionally, it reduces the reliance on third-party chat software and the dreaded email and sticky notes. Ultimately, this tool is another feature that enables users to do everything their job requires right from their EMR system.

Scheduling Waitlist

Version 4.5, released on August 8th, featured an exciting new tool to help clinics keep their calendar at 100% capacity, even during these challenging times. The Prompt Waitlist enables clinics to add patients based on the requested days/times/providers they wish to see. Better yet, when a cancellation occurs, the front desk gets notified in real-time that their are patients on the waitlist that meet the criteria for the canceled appointment. From the waitlist, the front desk calls the patient and refills the canceled appointment in a breeze.

Plan of Care Compliance/Schedule Optimization

With new patient volume down due to COVID-19, clinics need to be hyper-focused on each patient they do have, providing the best possible experience for that patient. One often overlooked item is making sure the patient gets scheduled for the frequency and duration the therapist prescribes in the Plan of Care. This leads to two things:

  1. More total visits which leads to higher revenue per patient
  2. Better patient outcomes and ultimately a more satisfied patient

This often-overlooked metric is critical and Prompt makes it extremely easy to track. Every time a therapist generates a new Plan of Care, the Frequency and Duration feed a Dashboard Report that front desk employees can download weekly and easily filter to see all under-scheduled patients. From this report, the front desk can call each patient, and get them fully and properly booked for the upcoming week, leading to better patient outcomes as well as additional revenue for the clinic.

Go Card Connect! Integration

In the COVID-19 world, virtual payments are a must. Therefore, Prompt integrated with Go Card Connect, providing an end-to-end solution for credit card processing. This update came in Version 4.6 released on August 25th. The integration with Go Card Connect! enables clinics to process patient payments that auto-post to the patient’s account in Prompt, removing duplicate work and data entry.

In an update coming soon, we will enhance this integration, offering fully virtual payments (Card on File, manually keyed in entry). In addition, we will launch the ability to email patient statements that are payable through an online portal. As with the physical integration, when patients pay through this portal, the money will auto-post into their account in Prompt EMR, which will lead to reduced data errors, less physical touching of credit cards, and happier patients as they will now be able to pay bills online rather than having to mail checks.

Custom Reports Builder/Enhanced Filtering

Version 4.6 also included the ability to customize your reporting module based on a variety of reports filtering options as well as the addition of the Net Case Flow report, which allows clinics to easily compare new cases versus discharged cases in a time period as well as average visits per discharged case by therapist and by bodypart.

The ability to easily access all of your clinic data, from end-to-end is a massive value add for Prompt customers. This end-to-end visibility enables the clinic to understand their metrics in real-time in one easy-to-use, fast loading, visually appealing reporting module. This is a major benefit when your EMR, Billing and Practice Management software are all one system, as is the case with Prompt.


Prompt EMR & Practice Management is always working to improve the product to provide better service to our customers. These recent updates, along with a slew of others, have enabled clinics to grow their business during these challenging times. Don’t take our word for it. Read some of our customer statements and see what they have to say about their experience on Prompt.

Adam Baliatico

Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Prompt Therapy Solutions

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