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At Prompt, we wanted to align ourselves with partners that would help simplify and enhance our solution. We spent extensive time hand picking partners that could help us achieve our goal: building the software solution for the future of physical therapy.

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BetterPT creates modern, thoughtful and interoperable solutions that make healthcare easier and more accessible for everyone. Prompt and BetterPT launched a first of its kind, turnkey enterprise solution for PT clinics. The fully-integrated enterprise solution allows physical therapy clinics to improve their efficiency and grow profitability by optimizing their operational workflows. In addition, it enables clinics to secure qualified patient appointments and provide a seamless and enhanced patient experience.

At Prompt, we knew that in order to create a truly amazing product we needed top notch billing expertise. Kelly Langschultz and her team of experts bill for over 100 providers nationwide. Kelly is one of the best physical therapy medical coders in the United States and thanks to our partnership we have been successful in creating the first fully integrated EMR and practice management software that is easy-to-use and user friendly. 

As one of the nation’s premier Orthopedic Care facilities, Premier Orthopaedic Associates team, led by Dr. Thomas Dwyer, provided Prompt with decades of clinical, billing, and insurance expertise, guiding Prompt towards building an all-in-one solution that solved every problem area for patients and clinics alike. 

Early on, Prompt realized that we needed to partner with a clinical expert, which led us to Lawrence Kim and the Edge team. Edge has provided Prompt an in-depth look at clinical workflows, allowing us to create a solution that solved all of a clinic’s pain points. 

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