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July 29th, 2022

Austin Manual Therapy

Case Study

We recently sat down with Maricela Harris of Austin Manual Therapy in Austin, Texas. They have been using a few of our Prompt Plus features, so we decided to host a Q&A to see how the new features have helped their practice thus far. Just by using our Online Scheduling tool they generated an ROI of 793% with a projected revenue of $75,600 per year and 36 hours per year of time savings on booking visits. Auto-Fax was another feature that we touched on and so far it will save them 162 hours per year of time on faxing! Scroll down to read our Q&A of Prompt Plus features with Austin Manual Therapy.

Q&A: Online Scheduling and POC Automation

Description of the Tool: Prompt’s Online Scheduling and Plan of Care Automation platform enables clinics to automatically invite patients that are under scheduled according to their PTs Plan of Care and book the correct amount of visits in a streamlined, single booking flow.

1. When did you turn on the Online Scheduling tools? We started a bit late because we had missed the announcement and didn’t get it turned on until late May

2. Did you have to edit any settings? We just turned the tool on and started using it and all the default settings were great!

3. Please describe the overall impact that Online Scheduling and POC Automation has made on your business and overall efficiency and profitability. Overall, it frees up our office staff by a lot. We have been able to get to tasks that we never had time to do prior. To date, the ROI has been great, both in a quantitative way and a qualitative way as our patients are happier and so is our staff.

4. Did you have any fear about giving up control of your schedule and if so, how has it been since turning the tools on? The admin staff was very nervous at first, but because of the ability to approve visits, it eased their concern. Now that they work with the tools daily, they have realized all the amazing benefits.

5. How has your staff been communicating about the tools with your patients? All patients get automated emails/texts for the POC. If a patient struggles with online scheduling, they call the office and the office helps them. The admin staff has been using the tools a lot. If the waiting room is really busy, they will text or email the patient the link and ask them to book online. Overall, it has been a great experience for our patients and most of them love the online scheduling tools.

6. How have your patient’s experience with the online scheduling tools been? Patients have given positive feedback and many patients prefer to use the online scheduling vs having to call and speak to someone.

7. Does your team let the appointments get auto approved or do you manually approve them after each request? The front desk is reviewing and approving them to make sure they can ensure there are no issues.

8. How has the Plan of Care Automation tool helped improve your patient retention? Since launching online scheduling we have noticed that patients that would have dropped off prior are now booking follow ups and coming back into the clinics and staying more compliant. So overall, it is really helping avoid patient drop-offs and increasing the number of visits per case.

9. What types of activities has your Admin team been able to spend more time doing with the time they are saving not having to schedule every visit? They have a task list that they have been able to spend more time on as well as auditing patient accounts, ensuring all claims end up going out clean, enhancing the patient experience by spending more time building relationships and providing a great experience when patients first walk in the door. This is one of those qualitative benefits I mentioned earlier. By having to spend less time on scheduling, we are actually going to see a decrease in our claim denial rate because the charts are going to be cleaner and more closely audited by our staff prior to claims being sent out.

10. Overall, can you provide a summary about these tools and why they are worth adopting? By capturing all the missed visits, you are salvaging money that is sitting on the table and nobody wants to leave money on the table. Tangibly, the number of visits is a clear direct ROI but there is also intangible ROI, lowering denial rates, happier staff, happier patients, etc. The intangible value is also really the biggest benefit in the long run and will be reflected on the direct ROI later.

Q&A: NPS Surveys

Description of the Tool: Prompt’s NPS Survey tool enables clinics to automatically send patients Net Promoter Score (satisfaction) surveys at fixed intervals throughout their course of care. This data enables clinics to identify churn risks, generate testimonials and reward their staff for great performance.

1. Please describe the impact that this tool has had for you and how generating these responses  impacted your company and your employees. Having a higher Facility and Provider score is always a goal for us. I love sharing the reviews patients leave with our therapists so they know what they are doing matters and that they see their value in words. A NPS score enables them to continue to perform and always drive towards improving. Having the data for performance reviews allows our PTs to see their impact and the value of their work but also learn in areas where they can improve.

2. How have you been able to use the NPS Survey data to contribute to performance reviews and help manage your clinical staff? I just spoke with our Clinic Director to show him how to navigate the NPS dashboard and he has blocked time off to talk to each PT to show them their stats and how they can improve based on the provided data.  We also look forward to coaching them on how to improve their patient retention rate and lower no shows and late cancellations simply by showing them the POC compliance automation and how they can help their patients obtain better success with compliance.

3. Are you using the NPS Surveys to generate positive marketing testimonials and reward therapists? We are excited for the feature coming in the next release to automate the Google Reviews for good scores. Right now we are using the positive statements and reviews in our newsletter, marketing collateral, and website.

4. How has the feedback helped you improve the overall operations of the company by identifying issues with patients more proactively? Quantitatively, we seem to be booking more patients. We ran a report yesterday and it seems that even being short-staffed, that we were able to match the number of visits in June in comparison to January, prior to our staffing issue.  I think all of the automation tools and having someone monitor the activity have helped get more visits than we anticipated.  Since the automation started our number of visits has increased each month (April = 1149, May = 1211, and June = 1469).  My goal is to get to 1760 visits per month and with a proactive approach to our NPS outcomes and POC compliance, I expect to reach that number within the next month or so.

We also communicate with the patients and PT about any issues and how we may be able to turn it around and improve the patient’s experience. We typically review the surveys and then reach out to patients to find out their exact issues and then work to resolve them internally if possible.

Q&A: Auto-Fax

Description of the feature: Prompt’s auto-fax feature enables teams to automatically fax documents that need signature to the referring providers without any thought required. The system recognizes a signature is needed and automatically faxes the documents to the doctor assigned to the case.

1. Were your therapists or admin staff previously responsible for faxing the POCs? Our therapists would always fax, but we noticed a drop-off in communication and many faxes were not being sent by our PTs. This is what encouraged us to adopt the auto-faxing feature and the results have been fantastic since then.

2. How has automated faxing helped your clinic? Automated faxing helps us resolve issues where the realized fax numbers were set up wrong and it has allowed us to fix those issues. Our therapists love that they don’t have to worry about faxing and it removes any room for error. The real-time failed fax notifications are also great to be able to manage the fax number storing and re-faxing as necessary.

3. Have you seen a decrease in unsigned POCs since turning this tool on? Yes we have seen a decrease and a faster turnaround time on POC compliance

4. Referring Doctor’s comments on the faxes. We have had less doctor calls about missing POCs/etc since turning on the tools and less overall annoyed doctor calls. This is obviously huge for us as happy doctors will refer you more patients, which helps grow our volume and increase our profitability.

5. Has your team been able to spend more time on other tasks since reducing the need to fax POCs? Therapists have commented on being able to get their notes done faster now that they don’t have to worry about faxing. Prompt’s system also makes it really hard to forget about notes, we previously had to manually follow-up on notes. We are seeing fewer notes fall through the cracks since the tool has been enabled. Overall, our time to document is very quick now and having the security of the documents getting automatically faxed helps us complete documentation quicker, once the note is signed we know it’s done and there’s no extra work.

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