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"Prompt has been nothing short of a dream"

- Michele Kehrer || Owner, Balance Chicago

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The switch to Prompt has been fantastic for my team and I. Prompt's software has enabled us to deliver much better patient care. The telehealth integration has been seamless and hugely valuable for us during these trying times. The Prompt team has been responsive and we are able to pivot and correct errors in a timely manner which will improve our cash flow and reimbursement now and going forward. I highly recommend Prompt.

Michele KehrerOwner & CEO, Balance Chicago

From the ease of the intuitive interface to the operating speed and features, documentation and scheduling have never been faster or more seamless. I had some hesitation at the start because of how differently the system was designed, but after quickly getting comfortable with the system, I am fully confident in my decision to switch over to Prompt EMR.

James ParkPT, DPT, Owner Hybrid PT

Scheduling is simple, documentation is straightforward, and their billing interface is seamless. Prompt offers a whole library of “help” options, but if any clarifications are needed, the staff replies immediately. I couldn’t be happier with Prompt...

Jessica MaxwellOwner, DPT, Preservation PT and Wellness

I was looking for a more seamless way to integrate billing with my notes, where it was all in one place versus using two different programs - and Prompt is it! I made the switch recently and their team has been incredibly supportive of the process...

Kate BakerOwner, DPT, Kate Baker Physical Therapy

Prompt's fully-integrated solution solved all of the issues I had with my prior system. Documentation time is down. Revenue per visit is up. Denials are down. Invoicing patients is easier. I am beyond thrilled with the transition and how it has improved my clinic.

Lawrence KimOwner, Edge Physical Therapy

Now that we have been running with it for the last three months we have seen a dramatic drop in documentation time, easy billing and a constantly updating and improving system that is much more customized to our clinic's needs. I am glad we made the decision to move forward with Prompt.

Russ ChildersPT, Owner Paramount Performance and Rehab

Ever since switching to PromptEMR, billing for a medium size practice is a lot easier and better. Claims submission and posting payments is much quicker and leaves less room for error.

Audrey KillipBilling, Edge Physical Therapy

Prompt EMR is a great solution to tedious billing routines. Everything is completed in-house and Prompt gives the user the ability to make adjustments as needed. Patient management and communication between team members is seamless. The Prompt team does an incredible job with their support and on-boarding to their system.

Asheley AnnulysseOffice Manager, Pursue PT

Prompt provided a near-seamless transition from our previous documentation/billing platform. The software is definitely different from most other options out there which made me hesitant to switch, but glad I did. It is fast, reliable, and flows perfectly from documentation to submitting a claim. Support is absolutely outstanding, best in class, and the team goes above and beyond to ensure smooth operations.

Sam FischerPT, DPT, Owner Choice City PT

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Prompt Solutions

Learn more about how Prompt
can solve problems for...



Book out your patient's Plan of Care or put the power in their hands with online scheduling. See More


Documentation that won’t have you missing dinner. Compliance and billing rules that ensure it’s done correctly and on time, every time. See More

Patient Engagement & Optimization

With Digital Intakes, a revolutionary Automated Waitlist, Plan of Care Compliance tools, and more - Prompt empowers you to create a flawless patient experience. See More


Proper billing is a team sport - streamline and automate processes to increase reimbursement per visit, decrease time to cash, and eliminate costly denials. See More


Real-time data you can trust that drives you and your team to take action See More


Front Desk

Prompt empowers your front desk to drive revenue for the practice and wow your patients. They'll be doing so on their very first day 😎. See More

Therapist | PT, OT, SLP

Finish all of your notes before you leave the office with extreme detail and reusable templates for different injuries. See More


Prompt’s all-in-one solution enables billers to have increased control over the front office and clinical coding, leading to faster payment and fewer denials. See More


Increase your staff’s efficiency and satisfaction, create happier patients and increase your clinic’s profit margin with revolutionary software. See More

Business Types

Startup Clinic

Prompt drives growth for Startups while keeping overhead low by leveraging automation, allowing you to focus on your business and patients. See More

Single Locations

Practices with a single location benefit dramatically from the automation and management tools that Prompt offers. See More

Multi Clinic

Practices with multiple locations can manage permissions, visibility into report data, and custom payer rules that become more prevalent when seeing a larger volume of patients. See More


At scale, the effects that Prompt’s automation and engagement have on your profitability and patient and staff satisfaction are exponential and breathtaking. You have to consider the cost of not using Prompt at this size. See More
Tools that keep your patients engaged and your staff productive

A CRM that drives revenue
and engages when it matters.


Waitlist Opportunities

Automatically send invites when a visit cancels and send mass invites to visit openings weeks in advance. See More

Plan of Care Compliance Automation

Maximize your schedule's capacity and help your patients improve faster with zero additional labor hours. See More


Online Scheduling

67% of patients prefer to book online and 40% of requests are after hours. Provide your patients with the tools they want when they want. See More

Online Surveys & Reviews

Gather patient feedback through Automated Patient Satisfaction Surveys (NPS) and Google My Business Reviews. See More

Digital Intakes

Throw out the paper. Send custom docs, capture intakes, and follow-up measurements at key points in the patient's journey. See More


Unsigned Documents

Stay on top of what needs to be done and never miss another Plan of Care Signature with Automated Faxing and our Unsigned Documents Tool See More

Eligibility & Authorization

Increase your clinics' reimbursement rate by keeping every Auth up to date and making sure your patients are eligible. Prompt’s eligibility engine's algorithm is meticulous about alerting you when you need to reach out so you don't have to lose sleep. See More
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