December 7, 2020

Total Balance Physical Therapy

Case Study








We had the pleasure of ‘sitting down’ with Matthew Fulks, Managing Partner of Total Balance Physical Therapy & Fitness to discuss his company’s experience on Prompt. Matthew is also the Owner and Co-Founder of Advanced Therapy Solutions which aims to optimize all aspects of outpatient therapy practices. Matthew and his team have been working hard to optimize every area of Total Balance’s operation and business. The last piece of the puzzle was billing. In order to improve their billing performance, they decided it would be best to bring it in house. Ultimately, Matthew decided that Prompt would be the best possible platform to take on this challenge. To date, the results have exceeded their expectations. In fact, Matthew grew to be so comfortable on Prompt within their first 2 months, he and his partner decided to open up a billing company that bills exclusively for Prompt Clients.  Enjoy! 

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