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We tie up everything your clinic needs into one modern system.
That opens a lot of doors…

Prompt is everything you need to grow your practice and improve your patient experience – all backed by a customer success team that will amaze you. With Prompt you will be able to:

  • Tie your teams together and streamline everyone’s workflow
  • Spend less time documenting
  • Manage objectively – no more sifting through hoards of data
  • Retain patients and wow them with seamless scheduling, intake, & engagement
  • Submit thousands of claims in seconds with fewer denials
  • Review all of your most important metrics in real-time

CRM | Prompt Keeps Your Patients Coming Back

Advanced patient engagement automation that actually drives revenue.

  • Automated Waitlist
  • Online Scheduling
  • Plan of Care Compliance Automation
  • One-click Google Review Functionality, and more

Everything happens in Prompt

Prompt handles everything your clinic needs – Scheduling, Documentation, Billing, HEP, all of it. That means you can throw away your clunky software systems with glued on integrations that only increase your workload.

Our business is helping your business

Prompt was built to help you optimize and grow. Since it touches every part of the patient lifecycle, we present you with the data you need to make objective decisions quickly and with confidence.

Prompt is an investment, not a sunk cost

Your business relies on your EMR and Practice Management Software for just about everything. We understand the difficulty of that decision and the trust you’re putting in us which is why we provide 24/7 real-time support, offer free and unlimited training to make sure you’re maximizing Prompt, and will hop on the phone at any time to kick around ideas or discuss what you could be doing better.

This is a partnership. 

Our Users ❤ Prompt.

Read some case studies and see how Prompt can change your life.

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Brewer PT increases revenue by $48k/year per provider.

Sport and Spine PT increases profit margin by 25%

Achieve Saved $60,000 in labor expenses

The switch to Prompt has been fantastic for my team and I. Prompt's software has enabled us to deliver much better patient care. The telehealth integration has been seamless and hugely valuable for us during these trying times. The Prompt team has been responsive and we are able to pivot and correct errors in a timely manner which will improve our cash flow and reimbursement now and going forward. I highly recommend Prompt.

Michele KOwner & CEO

I LOVE the billing system. For not having much experience with billing and taking on the huge task of bringing that in-house - it was a pretty daunting task at first. However, it has proven to be the best move!

April GSouth Dakota

I absolutely love how efficient this system is. Prompt's customer service is the BEST period. It is absolutely unparalleled. I can't say enough about how impressed our entire staff is with the customer service we have all received.

Connie CSouth Dakota

My support staff were worried your system was making their jobs obsolete (nope I'm finding them more projects I don't have to do). Efficiency!! Thanks for making my life easier! Keep up with all the amazing improvements.

Emily HOwner

The UI is beautiful, clear, and incredibly easy to learn (I trained my new clinician on it in half an hour), documentation is remarkably fast and easy, and I can't emphasize enough how easy billing is! I get paid quickly, see patient balances easily, get through the stuff we hate as clinicians swiftly, and seriously get every bit of help and support I could ever need or want in an instant.

Arianne POwner

Easy to use, easy to understand, great customer support, new updates every month that makes the software better compared to the previous version.

Ashesh VOwner

Now that we have been running with it for the last three months we have seen a dramatic drop in documentation time, easy billing and a constantly updating and improving system that is much more customized to our clinic's needs. I am glad we made the decision to move forward with Prompt.

Russ CPT, Owner

I like how Prompt helps to make sure notes have the necessary information at check out, helping to make for clean claims avoiding delays in reimbursement.

Brian MOwner

Very easy to use, scheduling a new patient from the schedule is smooth and allows you to upload insurance information from that same page.

Hailey FOregon

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