Prompt Therapy Solutions

We are changing the way the physical therapy industry works.

Why We Exist

01. Legacy EMR systems are fragmented, clunky, and inefficient.

02. Physical Therapists deserve an end-to-end software solution that will help them run their entire clinic.

03. Modern user-oriented interfaces have not yet made it into the PT industry.

Our Mission

Design and engineer an enterprise software for the physical therapy industry that optimizes operational workflows, enabling them to provide best-in-class support for patients while improving clinic revenue and profitability.

Executive Leadership

Ray Baliatico


Ray is a veteran in the technology industry with over 35 years of experience engineering successful products and starting a logistics platform that eventually sold to publicly traded Descartes Systems Group.

Tony Dwyer


Tony is a globally recognized macroeconomics and market expert with over 30 years of financial market experience. He is frequently seen and quoted on CNBC and Bloomberg television.

Adam Baliatico


With a background in Equity Research at Canaccord Genuity Group and owner/operator of Boston College 247 Sports, Adam has a unique background of managing large teams on different tracks.

Mike Dwyer


Michael's lengthy history as a physical therapy patient led to the founding of Prompt Therapy Solutions. His identification of inefficiencies and redundant workflows brought us to where we are today. He leads our sales team with compassion. Mike is also a proud and vocal owner of the least utilized standing desk in the industry.

Evan Baliatico


Evan served as Systems Implementation Lead providing optimization for back and middle office process across multiple business segments for leading Financial Services Firms. Evan's advanced degree in Machine Learning allows him to envision a brighter future for the Physical Therapy industry.

Ed Pirone


As an Experience Designer and Front-End developer, Ed has spent over a decade building UI's, optimizing solutions for different industries, and leading product teams using design thinking and iteration to build successful solutions. The UX team benefits from Ed's husky who defends them at all costs.

Core Values


Teams can’t be successful without clear communication, aligned expectations, and a long term vision. Our customers are part of the team. Transparency with our team about the process is necessary to assure we build software that solves their needs.


Every team member at Prompt is passionate about solving problems. We embrace challenges and push ourselves to view the most difficult hurdles as opportunities that will provide value to our customers.


The Prompt team is dedicated to the idea that we can always make something better. We are building an EMR platform that revolutionizes the way Physical Therapists work and even when we do something great, we know we can continue to optimize. We don’t give up.

Interested in joining the team?

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