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Our Story

Our Mission

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Our Story

January 2017
The Beginning

In our current digital environment we can virtually track almost everything… except a patient’s course of care  in physical therapy. Mike was frustrated with having no idea how he was progressing in therapy following a slap tear and external compartment syndrome and felt he was in a state of “PT limbo.” That is how Prompt was initially born. Mike teamed up with Adam to create an app that would tell a patient exactly where they stand in therapy. Upon taking that product to market and getting rejected dozens of times, they realized they were only adding to a much greater problem.

More Software = More Problems

After doing more research, Adam and Mike finally identified the core problem. In the physical therapy industry, clinics needed to use 3-5 (or more) pieces of software to run their business and hope that the “integrations” between systems worked. There was not one, truly all-in-one platform that let a clinic run their entire business. Most clinics had a system for their EMR and Scheduling, another for billing, another for HEP, another for marketing, and had no real options for quality patient engagement. Having discovered the true problem, Mike and Adam set off on solving the issue plaguing the PT industry.

Build a Uniquely Talented Team

Recognizing that they were about to build an enterprise software solution for the physical therapy industry, Mike and Adam realized the need to put together a uniquely talented team. They started with bringing on Ray Baliatico, a software executive with 30 years of experience building enterprise solutions. Next was Evan, the lead engineer with 15+ years of experience building full-stack software solutions for the energy and financial industries.  Last was Ed Pirone, who spent the last decade building user experience designs for companies such as the NFL, and other leading firms. This team, along with some critical partners, gave Prompt the foundation to take an outside-the-box approach to solving the physical therapy industry’s biggest issues. Prompt is not “built by therapists for therapists”. It is “built by business experts, software engineers, and user experience masterminds for all users within a physical therapy clinic.”

Team up with the Right Partners

After putting together a talented core team, Mike and Adam recognized the need to gain physical therapy and billing expertise. To do this, Prompt created strategic partnerships with Edge Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine and Precision Billing. Lawrence Kim and the team at Edge enabled the Prompt team to do almost a year of research in a busy, multi-clinic group to figure out all the issues with the existing workflow and come up with innovative solutions. Kelly Langschulz, and the team at Precision Billing, gave Prompt the ability to gain 20+ years of physical therapy billing and billing workflow operations expertise to construct an optimal billing platform, minimizing friction and making payment collection smooth and easy.

June 2019
Prompt is Introduced to the Public

After almost two years of development and 6 months in beta testing, Prompt was launched to the public in the summer of 2019. At the beginning we envisioned a world in which the software used within a physical therapy clinic was seamlessly integrated and involved in every part of its operation. A system that worked around a clinics operations, and made life easier as a result. We are proud and grateful for the fact that we were able to reach our goal in Prompt’s very first version. However, with a countless number of updates and version 2.0’s launch just 5 months later, we have our eyes set quite a bit a higher. Given the modern framework Prompt is built on, there is no limit to what we will be able to help our users achieve in the months and years to come.

Our Mission

Create a software solution for the physical therapy industry that optimizes operational workflows, increases efficiency, and improves patient care while providing best in class customer support and cutting-edge innovation.

Our Leadership

Ray Baliatico


Ray is a veteran in the technology industry with over 35 years of experience engineering successful products and starting a logistics platform that eventually sold to publicly traded Descartes Systems Group.

Tony Dwyer


Tony is a globally recognized macroeconomics and market expert with over 30 years of financial market experience. He is frequently seen and quoted on CNBC and Bloomberg television.

Adam Baliatico


With a background in Equity Research at Canaccord Genuity Group and owner/operator of Boston College 247 Sports, Adam has a unique background of managing large teams on different tracks.

Mike Dwyer


Michael's lengthy history as a physical therapy patient led to the founding of Prompt Therapy Solutions. His identification of inefficiencies and redundant workflows brought us to where we are today. He leads our sales team with compassion. Mike is also a proud and vocal owner of the least utilized standing desk in the industry.

Evan Baliatico


Evan served as Systems Implementation Lead providing optimization for back and middle office process across multiple business segments for leading Financial Services Firms. Evan's advanced degree in Machine Learning allows him to envision a brighter future for the Physical Therapy industry.

Ed Pirone


As an experience designer and front-end developer, Ed has spent over a decade building UI's, optimizing solutions for different industries, and leading product teams using design thinking to build successful solutions.

Our Values


Teams can’t be successful without clear communication, aligned expectations, and a long term vision. Our customers are part of the team. Transparency with our team about the process is necessary to assure we build software that solves their needs.


Every team member at Prompt is passionate about solving problems. We embrace challenges and push ourselves to view the most difficult hurdles as opportunities that will provide value to our customers.


The Prompt team is dedicated to the idea that we can always make something better. We are building an EMR platform that revolutionizes the way Physical Therapists work and even when we do something great, we know we can continue to optimize. We don’t give up.

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