Billing is at the Core of Prompt's DNA.

Prompt is hands down the most versatile and flexible billing platform in the physical therapy industry. This isn’t a third-party integration. Everything is built into one platform. No need to log into a clearing house either.

Avoid Rejections

Prompt alerts you PRIOR to submitting a claim of potential issues.

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Manage Collections

Collect co-pays, send electronic invoices, and track patient credit balances easily.

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Automate Manual Processes

Never pack an envelope or send a fax again.

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Avoid the Hassle

Prefer to outsource your billing? We have options for you.

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Built-In Claim Validation

Prompt’s built-in claim validation system helps you submit claims accurately on the first try, driving down accounts receivable and increasing the speed at which you get paid!

Seamlessly Post ERAs

Posting payments has never been easier! Prompt processes your ERAs in real-time, notifies you of potential issues, and gives you an easy way to bulk post payments and charge patients in just a few clicks!

Still receive paper EOBs? Prompt gives you an easy tool to manually upload the data, post payments and charge patients in just seconds!

Our mission is to drive down your accounts receivable

Manage Collections


Invoice Patients Electronically with Payable Links

Have patients with outstanding balances? Simply send them an email with the click of a button through Prompt and they'll receive a payable electronic invoice. Prompt's patient balance system also enables you to see at a glance when you first and last sent the patient an invoice.

In-Center Collections

At the time of check-in, the front-desk will see what a patient's outstanding balance is and what co-pay they owe! Prompt's built in payments processor enables you to collect the balances at the time of the visit with no delays.

Sell Packages and Know Where They Stand

Prompt makes it easy to sell packages upfront and track a patient's remaining credit balance. Each time they check in your front desk will take notice of their balance and can charge more if need be.

Automate Manual Processes

Want to mail 60 patients invoices but don’t feel like printing paper, stuffing envelopes and going to the post office? Prompt’s HIPAA compliant electronic mailing solution enables you to send all your patients invoices through the mail without any of the hassle! Streamline collections and decrease the labor hours involved with collecting patient balances.

Deal with workers compensation and auto claims that require faxing to the carrier? With Prompt’s built-in HIPAA compliant e-faxing solution, you no longer need to go through the cumbersome process of manually faxing claims. At the click of a button you can now fax both the claim and the therapist notes directly to the carrier without leaving your desk!

Prompt gives you the tools to input scripts and auths to track down remaining visits based on what is scheduled in the system.

Avoid the Hassle

Currently have a third party biller and want to keep them? Currently doing your own billing but looking for a third-party biller? Don’t worry, Prompt has you covered! Prompt is affiliated with experts in the billing industry who are trained on using our software to complete your clinics billing! Contact Sales to discuss more options.

Seen enough billing?

Check Out Reporting

Track Performance

Prompt handles every touchpoint within a clinic enabling you to track every KPI that matters in one system

Hold Everyone Accountable

Ensure each employee is operating at their peak efficiency and give them a tool to complete tasks.

Real-Time Data

Prompt updates your reports every time you take an action. No delays and no loading times.

Build the Right Relationships

Easily see who your best referring providers are both in terms of profitability and volume.

Billing is complicated.

Let us show you how Prompt makes it easier.