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Billing is in our DNA

Prompt is hands down the most versatile and flexible billing platform in the physical therapy industry. This isn’t a third-party integration. Everything is built into one platform. No need to log into a clearing house either.

Lower rejections with advanced validation.

Prompt’s built-in claim validation system helps you submit claims accurately on the first try, driving down accounts receivable and increasing the speed at which you get paid!

Need a biller?
We got you covered.

Are you interested in switching software and bringing on a new billing team? Prompt is affiliated with experts in the billing industry who are trained on using Prompt. Contact sales to discuss more options.

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Jopari Integration for Workers Comp Submissions

For claims that don’t accept electronic submission, you can submit them directly from Prompt. With our Jopari integration, you can also submit to many worker’s compensation and auto medical insurances.

Auto Posting

Manage claims with minimal effort.

Prompt’s billing platform automatically recognizes which responses can just be posted and which ones require further investigation. This means your team can focus on claims that require a biller’s attention. Prompt will automatically…

  • Post all clean claims
  • Submit claims to the secondary insurance when appropriate
  • Transfer all PR to the patient when appropriate
  • Follow the structure of Financial Hardship Agreements you created with your patients to ensure nobody gets accidentally billed in the event you have a custom agreement.

Save time and let your billing team focus on the work that matters – working denials, rather than pressing buttons to post clean claims.

Simplified Processes

Track authorization without a spreadsheet.

Prompt gives you the tools to input scripts and auths to track down remaining visits based on what is scheduled in the system. You will have visibility into issues before something is even submitted. Prompt actually provides visibility into eligibility before you book a visit so you know it will be eligible at the time of scheduling.

Simple submitting

Batches of claims submitted in seconds.

Prompt adapts to your workflow. You can have providers submit claims directly to insurance before the patient even leaves the clinic or you can submit claims to the billing department to review. Our powerful validation engine will ensure that nothing goes out without the relevant information.

For billers reviewing hundreds and sometimes thousands of claims. Submitting everything is as simple as a few clicks. You don’t have to be too concerned with adding the right modifiers and units/minutes because Prompt validates all of that during visit checkout with the provider.

Flexible Rules

Customized rules per payer.

Our entire billing platform was built around customization and flexibility. Being able to granularly control validation from use case to use case is something medical billing companies require in the complicated world of healthcare insurance. Prompt simplifies all of that.

Setup different payers using different logic and know that no claims will be submitted until they meet your defined criteria.

“I LOVE the billing system. For not having much experience with billing and taking on the huge task of bringing that in-house with Prompt was a pretty daunting task at first. However, it has proven to be the best move!”

April G.

Sundog Rehab
Prompt Solutions

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can solve problems for...



Book out your patients Plan of Care or put the power in their hands with online scheduling.

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Save time and create rules to increase your teams compliance when documenting visits.

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Patient Management

Powerful tools allow you to take control over granular settings per user.

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Organization of claims based on their stage of the claim journey.

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See the data you need, quickly, to help you make sweeping improvements to your large clinic or have better insight into KPI’s for your single provider practice.

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Front Desk

Whether you’re booking a visit, checking a patient in, or managing follow up marketing content, Prompt has you covered.

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Finish all of your notes before you leave the office with extreme detail and reusable templates for different injuries.

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We make Biller’s lives easier by empowering them to take action on thousands of claims in seconds and use custom tools to manage complex workflows.

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Book out your patients Plan of Care with ease or put the power in their hands with online scheduling.

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Business Types

Startup Clinic

Startup clinics can benefit from the huge optimizations that Prompt offers, especially when keeping overhead low is extremely important to succeeding.

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Single Locations

Smaller practices with a single location and a few providers can dramatically benefit from the automation and management tools that Prompt offers.

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Multi Clinic

Practices with multiple locations can manage permissions, visibility into report data, and custom payer rules that become more prevalent when seeing a larger volume of patients.

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Powerful management tools, speed, robust bulk actions, and lightning fast reporting in Prompt will empower your group to stride ahead of competition.

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