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Treat More.

Documentation with SOAP is inefficient. We reimagined it resulting in lightning-fast documentation and a better user experience. How fast? We’re talking 8-minute initial evals fast.

Robust Templating

Say goodbye to typing and scrolling, and hello to more patients, free time, and treating,

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Ditch SOAP

SOAP is an inefficient way to document. Don’t worry though, we still report to SOAP.

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Forget Typing

Prompt’s digital onboarding and carry-forward technology minimizes the need for typing.

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Billing Handoff

Prompt enables you to sign notes and transfer to billing in seconds.

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The Fastest Documentation in PT

Game-Changing Documentation Templates

  • Create robust templates tailored to fit your style and practice
  • Filterable by injury type and body part for easy clinic-wide access
  • No more typing, less clicking, and virtually no scrolling. Focus more on what matters most

Ditch SOAP


SOAP makes sense for reporting, but not for your workflow.

Going back and forth from S or O to A and P does not make sense so we made it possible to generate goals and assessments for a measure all in one screen.

Not to Worry - You Will Still Report to SOAP

Although you do not have to document in SOAP format on Prompt, you'll have to report to SOAP if you want to be paid. Prompt automatically converts it keeping your documentation bulletproof.

Information Where You Need It

We optimized the layout of each tab to ensure the most important information is at the top to limit unnecessary scrolling.

Electronic Flowsheets

Prompt’s easy-to-use electronic flowsheets streamline the treatment process, reducing the need for paper and improving compliance.

Adjust and update exercises in seconds

With over 1,400 exercises and 20 manual therapy techniques built-in and possessing the ability to add a new exercise in just seconds, Prompt’s electronic flowsheet can be adjusted in seconds, allowing you to update while treating the patient.

Less Questions, More Treatment

PTAs constantly asking you what your flowsheet says? Can’t read your own handwriting? Sick of scribbling over the treatments and trying to keep track on paper? Prompt has you covered with our electronic flowsheet that is easy-to-use and reduces the time wasted on trying to interpret what the flowsheet is saying.

No worries about losing flowsheets

Storing paper flowsheets in the clinic is a big risk for HIPAA compliance. Not only can you lose a flowsheet, but storing physical PHI comes with a whole new set of challenges and risks that a clinic has to manage. With electronic flowsheets, you reduce the paper PHI in your clinic and reduce the risk of violating HIPAA.

Flowsheet attaches to notes streamlining billing

With an electronic flowsheet that automatically attaches to notes, your billing team no longer needs to remember to fax the flowsheet with the notes and HCFA when submitting auto and workers comp claims. In addition, treatment techniques automatically attach to patient statements, increasing transparency and reducing questions from patients.

Avoid Unneeded Typing

“Where we’re going, we don’t need keyboards…”
– Dr. Emmet Brown


Electronic Onboarding

Prior to their first visit, new patients will fill out the subjective portion of the note which will automatically populate directly into the initial valuation saving therapists 5-7 minutes per initial evaluation. Therapists can review the information before the eval, leading to more relevant conversations with patients and better results.

No more duplicate data entry

No longer does the front desk need to type the intake information into the EMR. In addition, Prompt's documentation system lets you carry forward information from the eval, minimizing the need for excessive typing on each note.

Auto-generated goals

Prompt automatically creates templated goals based on the data therapists measured, helping the therapist create relevant goals in seconds, without having to type.

Quick Transfer To Billing

Sign your notes and generate billing info in a few clicks.

Built-in billing alerts to ensure you code correctly.

Solo practitioner? Submit claims directly from the visit checkout.

Seen enough documentation?

Check Out Patient Management

Capture Leads

Prompt enables you to capture leads from your website.

Track Balances

Minimize A/R by tracking what patients owe you in real-time.

Improve Retention

Improved patient satisfaction and engagement leads to improved retention.


We automate mundane tasks so you can focus on what is important.

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