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Internal Communications

Your Team United Like Never Before

Get off of email and other third party communication systems. Prompt enables users within a clinic to communicate about visits, patient cases, accounts, and files efficiently with @-style tagging – similar to what you see on many social media platforms.

Seamless Communication Between Teams

Nothing slips through the cracks on Prompt. Nothing.

  • “@” Style Tagging similar to most social media platforms
  • Get notified when someone sends a message your way
  • Click the message to enter the chart, patient, or billing claim in question
  • HIPAA Compliant

Turn Messages into Tasks

Say goodbye to sticky notes

When a user tags another user, they receive a notification as well as a “Pending task” in their dashboard. The user can click on the task to launch the patient’s chart or visit, enabling them to complete the task. After they complete it, they can notify the other user they have taken the required actions.

Complete Oversight on All Communication

The Prompt dashboard shows you all recent communication so you can ensure that nothing is slipping through the cracks. There’s no reason to text Angela about that claim, check Pam’s sticky notes to find out why a patient is upset, or call Dwight to find out why he hasn’t fixed that DX code.