Engage With Your Patients Like Never Before

7/10 patients leave therapy early but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Capture Leads

77 percent of inital visits are booked after a Google search. Prompt helps you convert these leads into patients.

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Electronic Onboarding

Patients are sick of filling out forms and they certainly don’t want to do it during their first visit.

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Track Patient Balances & Credits

Easily sell packages and track their remaining balances in real time.

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Improve Patient Engagement

Patients leave therapy too early, Prompt keeps them engaged.

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Attract More Patients

Prompt’s two-way integration with BetterPT means patients can easily find your clinic online and book appointments directly from your website with real time availability. Potential patients can search for clinics near them and easily learn more about your clinic, staff, and contact information.

Electronic Onboarding

Prompt makes it easier than ever for new patients to book their first visit leading to higher new patient conversions.

Electronic Onboarding Packets

Going to a new clinic requires far too much writing and forms – 74 percent of patients told Prompt they are frustrated with the onboarding process. With Prompt, patients are sent an electronic onboarding packet so they no longer have to show up 20 minutes early for their appointment.


Minimize Data Entry & Errors

Since all of the onboarding information populates directly into Prompt, there is no duplicate data entry leading to reduced errors and less time manually typing data. This frees up your front desk to do work that adds value to the clinic, rather then read onboarding forms and type them into your system.

Front Desk

Patient subjective information automatically added to the initial eval

Sick of having your therapists read the intake forms to write out the subjective portion of the eval? Well you are in luck! With Prompt’s electronic onboarding, the data the patient fills out regarding their injury, complaints, medical history, pain and goals auto-populates to the initial evaluation! Now, the therapist just reviews the information and adjusts as needed, saving 5-7 minutes per eval on average!


Track Patient Balances & Credits

Prompt makes it easy to sell packages upfront and track a patient’s remaining credit balance. Each time they check in your front desk will take notice of their balance and can charge more if need be.

Improve Patient Engagement

7/10 patients leave therapy too early. Prompt keeps patients engaged and motivated to return.

Automated Reminders

The physical therapy industry has a 14.1 percent no show rate on average. Prompt automatically sends text and email reminders both on the day before and the day of their visit to help ensure your clinic stays well below the average.

Home Exercise Programs

Prompt enables therapists to build a home exercise program in seconds right from the flow sheet. No need to sign into another cumbersome HEP program outside of your EMR.

Seen enough patient management?

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Handle your billing from the same system you run your practice.


Bulk actions and automated manual processes drive down A/R.


Our billing platform is easy to use and user friendly.


We removed all the noise so you can focus on what is important.

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