The Most Powerful Billing Platform

Prompt is hands down the most versatile and flexible billing platform in the physical therapy industry. This isn’t a third party integration. Everything is built-in to one platform.

Submit Claims

Submit a claim in three clicks on the day treatment is done. View responses in Prompt. No need to utilize other software.

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Manage Collections

Collect co-pays, send invoices, and track patient credits and outstanding balances all in one spot.

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Built in Billing Guidlines & Tips

The rules are constantly changing. Take a breath, we’ve got your back.

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It’s All There

No need to sign on to a clunky billing software. Billing is at the core of Prompt’s DNA.

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Click, Click, Click, Paid

In an effort to drive down accounts receivable, Prompt allows you to post ERAs in just 3 clicks with an intuitive user interface.

Digital or Paper Claim Submission

Prompt enables your third party biller or your in-house billing team to be much more efficient when submitting claims. Bulk action functionality streamlines the process and reduces the manual labor required to submit both electronic and paper claims.

We Handle the Heavy Lifting

With Prompt you will never stuff an envelope, never send a fax, never print a HCFA, and never go to the post office. We take care of all of that for you.

Our Mission is to Drive Down Your Accounts Receivable

Prompt manages every touchpoint within a clinic so our automated reports provide unmatched insight into clinic efficiency and profitability

Manage Collections


Invoice Patients Electronically with Payable Links (coming soon)

Outstanding patient balance? Simply send them an email with the click of a button through Prompt and they'll receive a payable electronic invoice.

In-Center Collections

Charge a patient their copay or ring them up for that outstanding balance right at the front desk.

Sell Packages and Know Where They Stand

Prompt makes it easy to sell packages upfront and track a patient's remaining credit balance. Each time they check-in, your front desk will take notice of their balance and can charge more if need be.
Powerful Validation

Billing Guidelines and Tips

It is all too easy to pick up bad habits between billing and documentation which is why we have integrated guidelines, tips, and notifications along the way. Here are some of the ways we keep you on your toes:

  1. Prompt is SPM and 8-minute rule compliant
  2. Medicare alerts for GP and KX modifiers
  3. Eligibility tracking
It's All There

This is Billing How it Should Be

From a patient booking a visit on your website to the time a claim is paid and the patient is invoiced, Prompt handles each touchpoint. We knew that in order to be successful, the platform had to be built around billing – the biggest pain point in physical therapy. That means you will no longer have to sign on to an outdated billing platform and can submit claims either individually or in bulk with a few clicks or taps depending on your device. This is billing how it should be.

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Robust Reporting

Prompt’s reports update in real-time so you can see what is happening as it happens.

Powerful Permissions

Owners decide who can see each type of data so your therapists can still benefit from some reports without having full insight into all of your clinic’s analytics.

Track Revenue

We break down revenue via payers, what was written off, what has hanging balances, and make it easy for you to take action on outstanding claims.


Need to see how a group is operating or just a single location? We give you the ability to run reports from the top all the way down to viewing the production of one staff member.

Billing is complicated.

Let us show you how Prompt has made it easier.