Transformed patient management

Prompt makes front desk and office management staff radically more efficient with features that lead to happier patients who come back more often.


77 percent of initial visits are booked via a Google search. Prompt makes your practice stand out.

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Digital Onboarding

74 percent of patients are frustrated with the onboarding process at PT. Prompt solves that.

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Patient Retention

7 out of 10 patients stop therapy earlier than they should. Prompt keeps them coming back.

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Authorization Tracking

Never treat an unauthorized patient again thanks to Prompt’s real-time eligibility tracking.

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Appointments book directly from your website into Prompt

Direct appointment booking makes it easier than ever for new patients to book their first visit leading to higher new patient conversions.

Easily book recurring appointments

Take advantage of our "create similar" functionality to rapidly book recurring visits.

Work seamlessly on any device

With Prompt’s mobile-friendly scheduling platform, clinic employees can stay up-to-date from anywhere.

I swear I'm not texting. I'm scheduling a visit!

Front Desk EmployeePrompt User

Save those trees

Your patients are automatically sent an electronic onboarding form so say goodbye to duplicate data entry.

Automatic data import

Data from the intake form will automatically populate into the initial evaluation saving therapists and front desk staff time.

Auto Populated Initial Evaluation

With Prompt’s electronic onboarding, the data the patient fills out regarding their injury, complaints, medical history, pain and goals auto-populates to the initial evaluation.

Patient Retention

7/10 Patients stop therapy earlier than they should

Click Click Click Done

Prompt ensures your prospective patients have a frictionless experience booking their first and subsequent visits. Patients can book directly into your schedule and fill out all necessary onboarding information ahead of time.

No Excuses Patients!

The physical therapy industry has a 14.1 percent no show rate on average. Prompt automatically sends text and email reminders at the time of booking and the day before the visit to help reduce your clinic(s) no-show rate.

HEP Sent Straight From the Flow Sheet

Prompt enables therapists to build a home exercise program in seconds right from the flow sheet. No need to sign into another cumbersome HEP program outside of your EMR.

Powerful Clinic Dashboard

The dashboard is built to support front desk and admin staff with powerful features that drive clinic efficiency.

  • Easily track the clinic’s efficiency and stay on top of your patients, therapists, and biller
  • Ensure patients are coming as often as possible according to their plan of care and vice versa
  • Communicate effortlessly with team members

Eligibility Tracking

Get paid on every visit

Prompt actively alerts the front desk and therapist based on scheduled visits when a patient's script or pre-cert is nearing completion.

Stay in the loop

Prompt gives you the ability to add case notes and keep track of conversations with insurance companies for future reference.

No sneak attacks

Prompt's clinic dashboard makes it easy to see all expiring authorizations.

Prompt helps more than just the front desk.

See how we help therapists


Prompt spent countless hours designing their documentation platform to suit therapists needs. Take a look for yourself.

Click Based

All of our documentation is focused on clicks so it is very tablet and touch friendly.

Structured Data

Documentation notes can be automatically generated off of the measurements you added due to our unique structured data approach.

Billing Handoff

When you're done with a session, you can submit directly to insurance before the patient even leaves or you can hand it off to billing for them to review.

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