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Prompt Helps Your Clinics Hum


Prompts multi clinic setup provides you with powerful tools to manage each location, view insights about volume and revenue, and smoothly manage providers across multiple practices.


You schedule. We take care of reminders, onboarding, availability, and follow-ups.

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Bulk Billing

Prompt’s bulk billing streamlines the process, putting your focus back on treatment.

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Robust Reporting

Manage your practice. Prompt gives you the tools to make informed management decisions.

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Align Locations Like A Pro

Prompt enables single practice owners to grow using the same workflows, bulk tools, and powerful metrics that large groups need to operate efficiently. This means it takes less resources to accomplish the same workload.

Get Your Team Talking

Visit History

No matter what happens with a claim, we save it to the history at a high level. If you want to know more about each situation, just click it to reveal details about what specific changes were made. This has proven to be a valuable asset to teams training up new members, providing insurance with specific information, and in general providing transparency into the history of a visit/claims entire lifecycle.

Team Comments

Sometimes a history of changes isn’t enough. We built commenting directly into the history so you can communicate with staff and view it in context with the journey of the visit. When moving claims back and forth from Incomplete to Billing Review, you can talk clarify details with different members of the team.

Bulk Submission

High Volume

High volume clinics or clinics that only bill once a week can end up with hundreds of claims. Sometimes more. Prompt makes it easy to select all of these, submit them manually or digitally, and move on.


Not only does Prompt make a tedious process take seconds, but we provide validation before the submission so you can easily see what claims need extra attention. You can rest easy trusting that Prompt has your back when it comes getting paid.

Cross Location Reporting

Prompts reporting platform allows you to view analytics across your location as well as per location or per provider. Having full visibility of how all of your clinics are performing via volume and revenue provides valuable insights into how you can build in efficiencies and make intelligent business decisions.

Prompt makes your life a whole lot easier.

Let us show you how.

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