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Just Starting Out?

Prompt is the ideal choice for new clinics

Prompt’s all-in-one EMR, Practice Management, Scheduling, Billing, and HEP software is the PERFECT solution for any physical therapist who is opening a new practice. 

Attract New Patients

Prompt has powerful tools to help you get patients through the door

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Simplified Billing

Streamlined billing & easy payment collections help keep you humming

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Robust Analytics

The best and easiest-to-understand reporting module in the physical therapy industry.

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Industry Leading Support

Live chat and Prompt Smart Help articles for every page

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Attract New Patients

Capture more leads with BetterPT

BetterPT is an online patient booking community that drives anywhere from 2-4 new patients a month to your clinic. With the Prompt/BetterPT Partnership, you will get additional SEO help for your new website as well as the ability for new patients to book an appointment from your website directly into Prompt EMR – saving your front desk time.

Set your clinic up for success

Setting up a Google My Business listing is undoubtedly one of the first things you should do when opening up a new clinic.  Google My Business listings are totally free and contribute heavily to local search engine optimization (SEO). We wrote a comprehensive blog about how to set one up and optimize it to improve your searchability.

Prioritize the right relationships

Prompt’s powerful analytics module gives you the ability to keep track of all your referral sources and identify the most profitable sources of revenue so that you can network and build stronger relationships with the people that matter.

Simplify Billing

With Prompt, you can submit your claims with confidence. Whether your billing is going to be done in-house or by a 3rd-party company, we’ve built functionality to optimize all billing-related workflows. With our inter-personnel communication system, the hand-off of claims between providers and billers has never been more seamless.

Prompt supports bulk digital submissions as well as electronic faxing and mailing directly from the platform so you never have to print, stuff envelopes, or use a fax machine.

Powerful Reporting

Grow Your Business

Prompt is connected to EVERYTHING, so you get to see EVERYTHING. Let data drive your decision making.

Productivity Tracking

Ensure each employee is operating at their peak efficiency and give them a tool to complete tasks.

Grow Your Business

Prompt updates your reports every time you take an action. Take a look at your high-level metrics or dig into the nitty-gritty. No delays and no loading times either.

Prioritize Relationships

Easily track reimbursements by carrier, and see analytics on how much revenue AND profit each referring provider generates

I get timely responses to my questions using the chat feature in the program, and they never make me feel annoying with all my billing questions. I started my own practice recently and am doing billing for the first time, so I have a lot of them! I highly recommend Prompt.

Kate B.Owner, DPT

Industry-Leading Customer Support Team and Reliability

If you have a question about the software, have a billing question, or just have ideas about growing your clinic that you want to bounce off of a Prompt support rep, we are there to answer your questions.

Customer Support Features

  • Live chat support in the platform
  • Prompt Smart Help (recommended articles based on what page you are on)
  • No outsourced support
  • Dedicated success representatives


  • Prompt is built on the most modern framework making it lightning fast and reliable
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Run your clinic with complete confidence
Plan on expanding?

Grow With Prompt

Larger Teams

Prompt makes managing your teams availability and permissions very simple.

Multiple Locations

Juggling multiple locations, different NPI numbers, and permissions throughout? We got you covered.

Robust Reporting

Need to view metrics of multiple centers, one center, or just one therapist? We made the data easy to digest.

Advanced Billing

Different centers handle granular billing rules differently. We can manage this across multiple locations.

Ready to hit the ground running?

Let us help you.

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