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Do Everything With Minimal Effort

Prompt was built with small clinics in mind. Improve the efficiency of your clinic and the experience of your patients, end to end.


You schedule, we take care of reminders, onboarding, availability, and follow ups.

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Focus on patients we’ll build notes from measurements and documentation.

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Don’t have a biller? That’s ok. Submit your digital or manual claims instantly.

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Prompt Empowers Small Clinics

Prompt enables single practice owners to grow using the same workflows, bulk tools, and powerful metrics that large groups need to operate efficiently. This means it takes less resources to accomplish the same workload.

Scheduling For Every User

Single Therapist

Only interested in your schedule? No problem. You can see details of your day, week, and month while seeing your patients details without leaving the page.

Multi Therapist

Need to balance multiple schedules? No problem. We have robust filtering and multiple views to accommodate every use case.

Detailed Layout

When viewing the detailed layout, you can see visit details and with a single click, view granular information about that patient.

Availability Layout

Viewing by availability lets you get an idea of how busy your clinic is and where you can schedule someone without being bogged down by the noise of your other visits.

Powerful Documentation

Focused Interface

We designed our interface to remove the noise of unnecessary UI so you can focus on what matters.

Fast Loading

Building an EMR from scratch has its benefits. One of those is utilizing cutting edge application frameworks to make sure it works lightening fast.

Structured Data

Structured data allows us to build notes based on your measurements and documentation.

No Duplicating

We carry forward important data so you don't have to enter repetitive information.

Simplify Billing

With Prompt, you can submit your claims with confidence. Whether your billing is done in-house or by a 3rd-party company, we’ve built functionality to optimize all billing-related workflows. With our inter-personnel communication system, the hand-off of claims between providers and billers has never been more seamless.

Prompt supports bulk digital submissions as well as electronic faxing and mailing directly from the platform so you never have to print, stuff envelopes, or use a fax machine ever again.

Are you expanding?

Grow With Prompt

Larger Teams

Prompt makes managing your teams availability and permissions very simple.

Multiple Locations

Juggling multiple locations, different NPI numbers, and permissions throughout? We got you covered.

Robust Reporting

Need to view metrics of multiple centers, one center, or just one therapist? We made the data easy to digest.

Advanced Billing

Different centers handle granular billing rules differently. We can manage this across multiple locations.

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