8 Minute Evals.
1 Minute Notes.

Documenting in SOAP is inefficient. We reimagined it resulting in lightning-fast documentation and a better user experience. How fast? We’re talking 8-minute initial evals fast.

Fastest Documentation

Prompt’s modern documentation means you finish your work BEFORE you get home.

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Mobile Friendly

After numerous reports of therapists documenting while driving we may scrap this feature.

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Ditch SOAP

SOAP is an inefficient way to document. Don’t worry though, we still report to SOAP.

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The Fastest Documentation in PT

Game-Changing Documentation Templates

  • Create robust templates tailored to fit your style and practice
  • Filterable by injury type and body part for easy clinic-wide access
  • No more typing, less clicking, and virtually no scrolling. Focus more on what matters most

Ditch SOAP


SOAP makes sense for reporting, but not for your workflow.

Going back and forth from S or O to A and P does not make sense so we made it possible to generate goals and assessments for a measure all in one screen.

Not to Worry - You Will Still Report to SOAP

Although you do not have to document in SOAP format on Prompt, you'll have to report to SOAP if you want to be paid. Prompt automatically converts it keeping your documentation bulletproof.

Information Where You Need It

We optimized the layout of each tab to ensure the most important information is at the top to limit unnecessary scrolling.



Time we spent working with therapists to create Prompt’s game changing documentation

You Spoke, We Listened

No more slow load times. Prompt is lightning fast.

No longer are therapists stuck to a computer. Use any device, anywhere.

No one should have to finish their documentation at home. No one.

See what therapists are saying

Work On Any Device

It Just Works

Thats right. Prompt works seamlessly on any device.

Easily Add Files

If your device has a camera simply snap a photo and quickly upload it to Prompt.

User Experience Masterpiece

Our design team spent a countless number of hours making sure Prompt was easy to use and optimized for mobile.

24/7 Support

We know it can be hard to get in touch with other EMRs. Shame on them.

Interested in billing?

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Smart Alerts

Our billing platform provides alerts and notifications based on common physical therapy billing validation.

Bulk Actions

Have hundreds of claims ready to submit? You can submit those in 3 clicks regardless of how they need to be submitted.

Digital or Manual

We can submit digitally or you can submit via fax/print and you won't have to do any of the work. Prompt prints, stuffs, and mails the envelopes off-site or faxes right inside the product.


Get your ERAs and responses directly in the product for all digital submissions. For paper responses, you can add the details so you can track revenue.

Prompt makes your life a whole lot easier.

Let us prove it to you.