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Prompt is at the Forefront of
AI in the Chiropractic Industry

What happens if you take the leading practice management platform and seamlessly layered in artificial intelligence to make it even more powerful?

Discover what that means for your business.

Not just some marketing buzz.
Impactful AI built by real AI engineers.

Increase Revenue

Powerful automation that keeps your schedule full.

A traditional approach to keeping a full schedule can be extremely time-consuming. It requires managing a manual waitlist, keeping track of under-scheduled patients, and calling patient after patient in an attempt to fill appointments.

Fill Your Schedule

Over 70% of patients are not compliant with their Plan of Care… before activating POC compliance on Prompt. Our AI engine analyzes patient plans of care and performs automated outreach to fill your schedule while you relax 🧘‍♀️. More patients get better faster while your practice increases revenue by $32k per provider per year.

Never An Empty Hour

Every hour your clinicians are in the practice and not treating patients is time that a patient is not getting better and your practice is losing money. Prompt’s AI powered Visit Filler solves that problem by inviting the right patients at the most opportune times to fill your calendar resulting in 1-2 additional arrived visits per day per therapist.

Mind Boggling Outcomes

Upon analyzing 100% of therapy visits booked across every state in the country by Prompt practices – we have found that visits booked via our AI Scheduling tools have a 35% lower cancellation & no show rate.

Arrival Rate of Traditional Visit Bookings

Arrival Rate of AI Visit Bookings

The Result? 


Average Revenue Growth Per Provider


Average Practice Revenue Growth

Decrease Denials

Reduce Denials, Get Paid Faster

Claim compliance expertise isn’t easy to come by. Traditionally, practices have needed to invest heavily in working denials caused by improper coding and documentation.

Advanced Payer Rules Engine

Our one-of-a-kind advanced claims engine uses AI to analyze and identify proper and improper coding to prevent denials before they happen.

Automated Claims Monitoring

Prompt’s system understands timely filing and when your claims should be paid on a granular level, proactively identifying claims that are nearing timely filing or should have already been paid but have not been.

This saves your team time and money, limiting costly denials and reducing your AR, automating work and reducing manual labor.

AI-Powered Claim Posting

Our AI-powered claim posting system identifies and posts all of your clean claims, automatically submitting secondary claims in real-time, applying applicable patient balances and flagging all of your denials and partial denials into customizable work queues.

This powerful system enables your A/R team to spend 100% of their time on revenue producing work, instead of manually touching each claim.

The Result? 

17 Days

Average Days to Reimbursement

For every 10 approved claims,

2 of them would have been denied if not for Prompt.

Optimize Coding and Compliance

Increase Reimbursement, Compliantly

Without Prompt, 20% of claims are billed with incorrect coding

Optimize your CPT Coding

Between Prompt’s automated CPT Coding based on AMA and CMS Coding rules and PredictionHealth’s powerful AI coding optimization tools, your clinicians will code more accurately with less work.

Optimizing your CPT coding can lead to a substantial increase in revenue and ensure that your practice is billing for every possible unit they treat for.

This activity is simulating a real life task, and involves having the patient use weights to simulate an activity (carrying something).
This activity involves active cueing and neuromuscular reeducation, which better aligns with code 97112.

Real-Time AI Documentation Audits

Through Prompt’s automated, bi-directional integration with PredictionHealth, 100% of your clinical notes will get audited by their AI-powered audit tools, giving you the peace of mind that your clinicians are documenting compliantly.

Additionally, you can identify which clinicians over or under document and pro-actively train them, so they can spend less time documenting and more time doing what they love, treating patients.

The Result? 

Up to 20%

Improved Compliance Score

Up to 15%

Average Practice Revenue Growth

Investing in the Future of Physical Therapy

We’re investing heavily in building the innovative tools that the Chiropractic industry so desperately needs. Our rapidly growing AI and engineering team has only scratched the surface on what Prompt’s modern platform will make possible for the industry. In 2024, we’ll be launching more groundbreaking tools that will further help Chiro practices thrive despite the many headwinds they face.

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