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Prompt's Telehealth Solution for Physical Therapists

In these trying times, we know that you, your clinic, and your patients, have likely been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to be there as a resource for the clinics we serve as well as the PT community as a whole. That is why we have launched a Telehealth solution as part of our EMR and Practice Management software to help offset any loss in volume you may be experiencing, and continue to deliver the high quality care your patients need.

Continue treating, stay on top of your business, start today

Stay on top of your business & continue treating

  • Continue to give your patients the care they need
  • Send a video conferencing link straight from Prompt
  • Easily track all your telehealth visits, revenue, and more on a separate “clinic” reporting module

Keep your patients engaged

  • Automated patient reminders prior to each visit
  • HEP sent straight from the flow sheet with just one click
  • Track HEP completion and progress

Submit claims directly to insurance or charge the patient directly

Prompt ensures that you are properly billing for Telehealth services by automatically adding the necessary facility ID for reimbursement.

Not taking insurance? Simply charge the patients credit card prior to starting the visit.

Modern, Efficient, Super Easy to Use

  • All data transferred from your existing EMR at no cost
  • Schedule, document, and bill for TelePT services from Prompt
  • Unlimited training and support, but don’t worry – Prompt is crazy easy to use
Prompt Solutions

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can solve problems for...



Book out your patients Plan of Care or put the power in their hands with online scheduling.

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Save time and create rules to increase your teams compliance when documenting visits.

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Patient Management

Powerful tools allow you to take control over granular settings per user.

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Organization of claims based on their stage of the claim journey.

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See the data you need, quickly, to help you make sweeping improvements to your large clinic or have better insight into KPI’s for your single provider practice.

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Front Desk

Whether you’re booking a visit, checking a patient in, or managing follow up marketing content, Prompt has you covered.

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Finish all of your notes before you leave the office with extreme detail and reusable templates for different injuries.

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We make Biller’s lives easier by empowering them to take action on thousands of claims in seconds and use custom tools to manage complex workflows.

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Book out your patients Plan of Care with ease or put the power in their hands with online scheduling.

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Business Types

Startup Clinic

Startup clinics can benefit from the huge optimizations that Prompt offers, especially when keeping overhead low is extremely important to succeeding.

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Single Locations

Smaller practices with a single location and a few providers can dramatically benefit from the automation and management tools that Prompt offers.

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Multi Clinic

Practices with multiple locations can manage permissions, visibility into report data, and custom payer rules that become more prevalent when seeing a larger volume of patients.

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Powerful management tools, speed, robust bulk actions, and lightning fast reporting in Prompt will empower your group to stride ahead of competition.

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