A New Era Of Business Tools

Prompt’s true end-to-end integration means you get the reporting and business management tools you’ve only dreamt of.

Manage Clinic Health

Prompt handles every aspect of a clinic, enabling you to track every KPI that matters in one system.

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Productivity Tracking

Ensure each employee is operating at their peak efficiency and give them a tool to complete tasks.

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Real-time Data

Prompt updates your reports every time you take an action. No delays and no loading times.

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Manage Clinic Health

Track your clinics health and focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that actually drive increased profitability

Know Where Your Patients Are Coming From

If your clinic isn’t driving new patients, in the long-run, production will go down and therefore, so will profitability. Prompt enables you to track your sources of new patients (doctor referrals, marketing campaigns, website conversions, etc) and ensure that you are generating enough new patient volume on a month-to-month basis.

Dig Into Crucial Patient Analytics

Capturing new patients is not enough. To operate at maximum profitability a clinic must maximize the value of each new patient. Prompt enables you to dig into total patient visits, tracking things such as Schedule Utilization, Plan of Care Utilization, average visits per discharged case and more! Visit our scheduling page to learn more.


Maximize Each Visit

High patient visits are great, but are you maximizing each visit? Prompt gives you reports to understand your total clinic production, I.e., what is your clinic billing out in terms of units and dollars. Are you maximizing billed units per visit? Are you billing a diversity of CPT codes? Which ICD-10 codes reimburse you the highest? The lowest? Prompt gives you the tools to maximize your production per visit.

Track All Collections and Decrease Accounts Recievable

The fourth and final KPI in a physical therapy clinic. Collections. Prompt enables you to track collections from end-to-end. Unposted ERAs, checks mailed to patients, outstanding patient balances, average revenue per visit, revenue from each referring provider. All in one, easy-to-understand platform.

Hire and Grow with Certainty

Prompt’s capacity utilization tool helps you keep your therapists busy and tells you when it is time to hire some more help.

Understand Clinic Efficiency

Prompt’s real time reports with smart filtering help managers ensure the clinic is firing on all cylinders.

  • Easily track your billers performance
  • Zero in on a particular team member or clinic
  • Monitor all key metrics since Prompt is connected to everything in your clinic

Everything you need to know in real-time

Prompt manages every touch point within your clinic which means reports do not have to be generated – they are constantly updating themselves and can be pulled up in real-time. Take a look at your high level metrics and drill down into the nitty gritty like how profitable your best referring providers are.

Get Specific and Take Action

Prompt enables you to get ultra specific on metrics that can help you grow your business.

Top Referring Providers

The referring provider report tells you not only how many patients each referring provider sends you, but also how much revenue they generate. If you see a doctor who does not send you many patients but earns a lot of money per visit you know you need to build a stronger relationship with them.

Reimbursement by carrier

Reimbursement by carrier helps you understand reimbursement rates by each payer type and how long each payer takes to reimburse.

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Prompt's click-based documentation makes you lightning-fast. We're talking 8-minute initial evals fast.


Submit claims and post payments in seconds with bulk functionality. Our next-gen claim scrubbing means you get paid faster with less hassle.

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Check Out Scheduling


Get details about your availability for the entire week at a glance.


Your patients can book appointments online with real-time availability.


Prompt makes viewing available time for your entire clinic simple.

Mobile Friendly

It's 2019. Working seamlessly on any device is a must.

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