Manage Team Schedules With Ease

Prompt’s scheduling solution provides visibility for your entire clinic’s volume while still giving you the necessary details to manage the day- to-day.

Your Week in Detail

Get details about your availability for the entire week at a glance.

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Online Scheduling

Your patients can book with you online with real-time availability.

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Clinic Availability

Prompt makes viewing available time for your entire clinic simple.

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Mobile Friendly

You can manage and view appointments right on your phone with ease.

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What’s Going On Today?

Prompt’s scheduling is designed to satisfy multiple users’ needs. From viewing one provider’s schedule in detail all the way to seeing your entire clinic’s volume and availability. We handle it all from a single day to an entire month and if you’re on the go, you can always load it on your phone with a modified view.

Online Scheduling

Too many platforms boast online scheduling but it doesn’t actually take into account your clinics availability. Prompt does. Thanks to our two way integration with BetterPT, clients can book appointments online and the availability they see is synced with Prompt’s scheduling platform in real-time.

Get Notified

When someone books through your website or through BetterPT, you will instantly receive an email and get notified in Prompt. We provide you with their contact info so if you need to gather more information you can reach out before you approve the visit.

Understand Therapist Availability

Prompt’s scheduling module was built to provide multiple different ways to manage both clinic and therapist availability. Want to see the entire clinic’s volume for a month? One therapist’s schedule for a week? Every therapists’ availability for a week? Prompt has you covered in all of those ways and more in an easy-to-use scheduling platform!

Schedule On The Fly

With Prompt, you can manage your entire clinic’s schedule from your phone. Many therapists work at multiple clinics or need to manage their schedule on the fly. Given this concern, Prompt was built to be mobile friendly, enabling you to run your clinic from your mobile phone.

Seen enough scheduling?

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Enjoy a touch-based interface that rapidly decreases documentation time.


Customizable templates allow you to set patients up based on their injury.


Prompt's structured-data architecture allows you to generate notes without ever touching a keyboard.


We removed all the noise so you can focus on what is important.

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