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Why Birthday Emails in PT Are Great for Building Relationships and Marketing Your Practice

Patient birthday emails

In the competitive landscape of outpatient rehab, building and maintaining strong patient relationships is essential for the success of any practice. Today’s patients expect more than just clinical expertise – they crave personalized care experiences and meaningful connections with their providers. One simple but effective part that has gained traction in recent years is the use of birthday emails. These small gestures offer a powerful way for healthcare providers to connect with and bring joy to their patients, foster a sense of loyalty and trust.

On top of that, birthday emails present a valuable opportunity for practices to enhance their marketing efforts and promote their brand. By leveraging the power of personalized communication, PT teams can not only engage patients on a deeper level but also encourage repeat visits, drive patient referrals, and ultimately, grow their practice. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of birthday emails for your practice and offer practical tips for implementing successful birthday email campaigns.

The benefits of patient birthday emails

With how easy it can be to send patient birthday emails—especially with the right software at your practice—it should be more of a “why not?” for keeping in touch with your patients. But along with being a friendly check-in, there are a number of reasons for practices and patients alike why it’s worth setting these up.

Personalized patient care: Birthday emails offer a powerful tool for delivering personalized patient care. By acknowledging patients’ birthdays, healthcare providers demonstrate genuine interest and concern for their well-being beyond the clinical setting. This personal touch helps to strengthen the patient-provider relationship and fosters a sense of trust and loyalty.

Enhanced patient satisfaction: Receiving a birthday email from their healthcare provider can be a pleasant surprise for patients, boosting their overall satisfaction with the care they receive. Knowing that their provider remembers and celebrates their special day can make patients feel valued and appreciated, contributing to a positive perception of the practice as a whole.

Increased patient engagement: Birthday emails serve as valuable touchpoints to engage patients and keep them connected with your practice throughout the year. By reaching out on this occasion, you not only remind patients of your presence but also provide an opportunity for them to interact with your brand. This increased engagement can lead to greater brand recall and improved patient retention over time.

Strategic marketing and brand building: From a marketing perspective, birthday emails offer a cost-effective way to promote your practice and build brand awareness. By personalizing communications and offering exclusive birthday discounts or promotions, you can incentivize patients to engage with your practice and encourage repeat visits. Additionally, positive experiences shared by patients who receive birthday greetings can help generate word-of-mouth referrals and attract new patients to your practice.

Tips for sending birthday emails to patients

Before kicking off a birthday email program, there are some helpful considerations to make sure they’re handled correctly, deliver the best experience, and generate their potential value for your practice. The following are some things to keep in mind and factor into your approach.

Collect accurate patient data: Your front desk staff should always strive to ensure that your patient records are up to date, including birthdates and email addresses, to facilitate effective email campaigns. Capture these details during patient registration and then periodically ask patients to verify their info during in-person visits or when you call to check up on them.

Ensure they go out on time with help from a software: It’s a lot to ask your busy staff to set reminders for each patient’s birthday email – especially since you’ll often be sending them to inactive patients as well. A modern practice management tool should give you patient engagement features that automate things like birthday emails, and make sure they are sent out on time and with the right name and details (plus whatever added content or message you want to include). If your clinic uses Prompt, the birthday email feature is incredibly easy to set up and will help you keep up with these messages for everyone in your database, unless they’ve opted out. You can see the creation platform and what the finished product looks like below:

Setting up birthday emails in Prompt:

  1. From the Prompt Plus tab, open patient birthday settings and enable them.
  2. Customize the text in the birthday email and use data tokens for the patient’s preferred name or first name and the clinic name or nickname.
  3. Add a custom image (optional).

If you’re already a Prompt customer, you can see more here!

Offer special discounts or a small gift: As an added bit of “delight” in your emails, you might include birthday offers or discounts as a token of appreciation for patients’ loyalty. This may be a more common feature for, say, a retail or subscription business than a physical therapy practice – but you can be creative here and consider a discounted visit or a voucher for clinic swag perhaps! If you do offer a promotion, be sure to clearly outline the terms and expiration dates of any encourage timely redemption, make sure your entire staff is aware of the promotions, and ensure these are all factored into your budget.

Compliance with privacy regulations: Always prioritize patient privacy and adhere to HIPAA regulations when sending birthday emails, ensuring that sensitive information is handled securely. Use encrypted communication channels and avoid including any confidential medical information or personally identifiable details in birthday greetings. Provide clear instructions for opting out of future communications to respect patients’ privacy preferences.

Encourage social sharing: Finally, encourage recipients to share their birthday greetings or special offers with friends and family on social media platforms. Include social sharing buttons or links in your emails to facilitate easy sharing and extend the reach of your practice’s marketing message. To maximize their potential impact as a marketing tool, consider offering incentives or rewards for patients who refer new individuals to your practice through social media channels.


Incorporating birthday emails into your practice’s marketing strategy can yield numerous benefits, from enhancing patient engagement and loyalty to strengthening your brand’s presence in the community. By leveraging the power of personalized communication, you can build stronger relationships with your patients and differentiate your practice in a competitive healthcare landscape. And with the right tools at your practice, these can be as easy as the push of a button!

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