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3 Simple Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Your Physical Therapy Clinic – with Email Templates.  

Google reviews are a MAJOR contributor to attracting new clientele. In fact, 77 percent of initial visits are booked following a google search, and there are A LOT of options for patients to choose from.

77 percent of initial visits are booked following a Google search.

These perspective clients seek out social proof to ensure they are choosing the best possible clinic for their care. Think about this: When you shop on Amazon, what is the one thing you do before you check out? I’d bet you read the reviews.

Not only does the products star count matter, but the NUMBER of reviews matters just as much. Therefore, it is crucial to ask your clients for their support.

How do I get more Google reviews?

There is no magic formula here, but here are three great ways to put yourself in a better position to gain those valuable reviews.

1. Do not be afraid to ask

It is undeniable that most physical therapists are in this industry because they genuinely care and are passionate about improving the lives of their patients. When you notice that a patient is thrilled about their progress and/or result. ASK THEM FOR A REVIEW. You want to request reviews from happy customers.

  • Ask after you complete their course of care or have a great visit
  • Ask when you send or receive a bill
  • Ask when you conclude a conversation on the phone

Take every opportunity you can to ask a customer to review you. Of course, don’t be annoying and pressure someone. No one likes that.

2. Make it easy for them to leave a review 

It is crucial that you make it as easy as possible for someone to leave a review. Here is a quick and easy way to generate a link that will lead them straight to your clinics review form:

Google Review Link Generator

It is a lot easier for customers with a Gmail to leave a review. Otherwise they will have to create a google account in order to leave a review which isn’t ideal.

3. ALWAYS respond to your reviews

We always recommend responding to online reviews – both positive and negative. Google acknowledges companies that respond to Google reviews which improves your local search results. Check out what Google officially said about reviews.

If a customer leaves a positive review, say thank you!

If a customer leaves a negative review, follow these steps:

  • Address the issue
  • Apologize for the issue (even if your company is not in the wrong)
  • Attempt to resolve the issue privately

Google review email templates

Here are some great templates you can use to help you get started. It is important to keep them short and to the point, but also personalized.

Email Template 1

Hi [Patient’s Name],

Thank you so much for choosing [Clinic Name], we truly enjoyed working with you and watching you progress. [Add something personal about your time with them].

As I am sure you know many people, like you, rely on online reviews to make sure they get the best service possible. We hope you enjoyed the level of service your received and would love it if you could leave us a review on Google.

You can click this link to leave your feedback: [Insert Link from the Google Review Link Generator]

Thank you for taking the time out of your day. We greatly appreciate it and hope you enjoyed your time with us as much as we did.


[Your Name]

Email Template 2

Hi [Patient’s Name],

How was the quality of care you received today, [Patient Name]? OR Did [Therapist Name] give you top notch service today, [Patient Name]?

Please take a moment to let us know [Insert Review Link]. We greatly value your feedback and hope you enjoyed your time with us as much as we did.


[Your Name]

Email Template 3

Hi [Patient’s Name],

We hope you had a great visit with us today. Online reviews are a great way to help people, like you, find a physical therapist. If you’d like to share your experience by writing a review, here’s where you can do that:

[Insert Link]

We’d also be glad to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you again for choosing [Clinic Name], we are truly grateful for your business.


[Your Name]

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