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How Prompt Improves Patient Retention

Patient retention in the physical therapy industry is a major issue and outdated EMR systems only enhance the problem. Here are the facts outlining the satisfaction and retention issues in physical therapy:

  • 73.9% are frustrated with the onboarding process
  • 72.0% do not perform there Home Exercise Programs (HEP) regularly
  • 70.0% leave therapy early
  • 70.0% want weekly progress reports sent to them
  • 68.2% want to book appointments online

This article will detail how Prompt solves each of these issues and can help grow your clinic revenue by up to $35,000 per year per provider!

Appointment Confirmation and Reminder Emails

It may seem simple but EMR platforms do not have the ability to send emails reminding patients about booked appointments. With Prompt, patients receive an email every time they book an appointment. Additionally, they receive an email the night before their appointment reminding them of the time.

Have an older client that may not use email? That is not an issue on Prompt. In one click, you can print out a patient’s upcoming appointments and give them a physical copy of upcoming appointments.

Patient Dropout Email Reminders

Because Prompt EMR & Practice Management is the only software platform to effectively track eligibility information, customers gain the ability to notify patients when they dropped out of treatment too early. When a patient goes 2 weeks without coming to therapy and they still have an active case with approved visits, they will receive an email reminder letting them know they are still eligible for therapy. Additionally, they will be able to schedule their appointment online without having to call the office. With 7 out of 10 patients dropping out of therapy early, this is huge for clinics in improving their average visits per patient.

Book Appointments Online

Prompt enables patient’s to book appointments online, limiting the burden on patients and reducing the time to book an appointment. The online scheduling platform integrates with your clinics scheduling module so that the front-desk does not double book a time. Did you know that 68.2% of patients want to be able to book appointments online? Yet, no EMR platform facilitates that in physical therapy.

Weekly Progress Reports sent to patients

70% of patients want a weekly report sent to them that tells them their objective progress in therapy. However, since EMR systems in physical therapy do not utilize structured data and many are not cloud based, none of the existing platforms can facilitate this.

Prompt utilized structured documentation and an electronic flowsheet to generate data that displays to a patient how much better they have improved. 48.4% of patients that left therapy early said they would continue to go to physical therapy if they knew they were improving.

As with the email appointment reminders, you can also print these reports and hand them to patients.

Home Exercise Programs sent to patients

With 72% of patients not performing their home exercise program, the industry needs a better solution. Currently, most clinics use a third-party piece of software to assign HEPs. That leads to many therapists not creating the plans and instead using paper and pen to give an HEP. With Prompt, you can build an HEP in seconds directly from your electronic flowsheet and email it to the patient or print a physical copy. In addition, Prompt holds the patient accountable, with notifications when they do not complete their HEP and compliance data built in.

If a patient’s compliance is low, a therapist can see it and have a talk with the patient about the importance of their HEP. Better compliance leads to better recovery.

Prompt EMR & Practice Management – A Fully-Integrated, Physical Therapy Software Platform

Learn more about how Prompt EMR & Practice Management is changing the landscape in physical therapy with a revolutionary approach to software. With built in documentation, billing and Medicare logic, Prompt provides therapists, front-desk employees, billers and owners the tools they need to reduce clinic inefficiencies, grow profit margins, and improve patient outcomes.

See how Prompt EMR and Practice Management can help your clinic! Fill out the form to your right to schedule a Demo today!

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Prompt Therapy Solutions builds practice management software for physical therapy clinics ranging from single provider practices and startups, to large enterprise organizations.

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