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The 5 Most Meaningful Benefits of Switching to Prompt

PT switching to Prompt

Switching physical therapy software isn’t a decision practice leadership takes lightly. Not only do you have to figure out which option is going to meet your clinic’s needs, you’ll have to get staff buy-in to make the transition successful. 

You’ll want to make sure the tech you choose will support you in achieving your business goals. And while that could send you down a rabbit hole of endless feature comparisons, remember not to lose sight of the big-picture changes you’re hoping to achieve in your practice. 

These don’t often present themselves as simple checkmarks (scheduling ✔️, documentation ✔️, digital intake ✔️). Instead, they’re the result of extremely thoughtful software developed with the intention of delivering larger, more meaningful benefits to your practice and the patients you serve.

Here, we’ve rounded up five big-picture benefits practices tell us they experience after switching to Prompt

1) Better patient outcomes – AKA why we started! 

This is going to sound obvious, but it’s worth stating: Your practice exists to help people. Therapists are motivated to work alongside patients and guide them to meaningful progress. This means making sure that patients are fully booked, showing up, and experiencing results. Prompt’s mission is rooted in helping practices help patients achieve better outcomes. The goal: Build technology that makes it extremely easy for a patient to achieve success.

How Prompt helps

Prompt has a variety of tools designed to help you keep your schedule full. It’s not as simple as sending patients booking links (although Prompt does do that). It’s a combination of features intended to help patients complete their plan of care. This includes being able to book and show up to appointment times they choose, receiving a provider’s full attention, and committing to progress—without experiencing the unnecessary headaches cumbersome technology can cause.

Those features include:

Statistically speaking
  • Prompt helps reduce empty appointment slots by 30% on average.
  • Prompt clinics experience a 10% decrease in their lost patient rates on average.
  • Practices on Prompt increase visits per discharge by .5. (Ex: Before Prompt, each patient was seen an average of 9 times; after Prompt, each patient was seen an average of 9.5 times.)

2) Less therapist burnout – Stop documenting at home

Clinician burnout is one of the biggest problems facing the rehab industry. It can be exacerbated by losing the intrinsic motivation to help patients, especially if they’re not showing up for appointments and making progress. 

When therapists experience burnout, both patient care and clinic reputation suffer. 

How Prompt helps

Prompt’s tools for therapists help them separate work from life outside of work by enabling them to document faster, without risking compliance. We worked directly with therapists to build a flexible note-taking process that allows PTs to finish notes as patients leave the building.

Prompt’s fast and flexible note-taking features deliver increased levels of happiness (dare we call it joy?). A few examples:

Statistically speaking

3) Reduced staffing challenges

The top challenge therapy clinics reported facing in our Q2 2023 survey is hiring. Finding and retaining physical therapists, billers, and office staff requires a lot of effort (check out some pro tips here).

Staff turnover at PT practices is a frustrating distraction for managers trying to focus on business growth. And retention’s not the only problem. Sometimes your cumbersome software is both the reason you need more employees and the reason they want to move on. 

How Prompt helps

Fighting with computer software on a daily basis can suck the joy out of working in a purpose-driven healthcare office. No one looks forward to staring at a screen, completing redundant tasks, and questioning why simple tasks feel cumbersome. The thoughtful designers at Prompt prioritize ease of use and confidence in your technology’s capabilities. 

The result: a truly modern system that automates all the things that don’t actually require a human. Our goal is for you to spend as little time as possible working in Prompt, so we build highly efficient workflows to ensure that when you do interact with it, you can trust that each button clicked and word typed is actually necessary. 

Easier-to-use software contributes to better retention rates when your staff expects to do their job with modern technology. It also helps with hiring – many clinics on Prompt use it as a recruiting tool

Additionally, Prompt’s front office and billing features reduce the need for the number of people in these roles to less than the industry average. In other words, when your software does the things humans shouldn’t have to, you don’t need to pay as many humans to do the same amount of work. 

Features that retain staff and reduce the need for as many employees:

  • One-of-a-kind advanced claims engine that identifies proper and improper coding to prevent denials before they happen
  • Automated claim posting that proactively identifies clean claims, posts all relevant cash and patient responsibility, submits secondary claims when necessary, and flags both full and partial denials for billers to work
  • Automated waitlist and Plan of Care compliance scheduling automation
  • Eligibility and Authorization tracking
Statistically speaking

4) Increased margins

Physical therapy practices face a pressing problem: margin compression.

Insurance reimbursement rates from payers keep declining as operational costs rise. To grow, practices need to find ways to carve out every bit of profit possible.

How Prompt helps

The principles of running a successful business were woven into the heart of Prompt, not simply included as an afterthought or offered via third-party integrations.

Statistically speaking

5) Manage objectively

It’s difficult to make decisions as an owner or manager if you lack visibility into the metrics that actually matter for your business. Connecting the data dots shouldn’t take extensive effort or involve guesswork. 

How Prompt helps

The financial experts who built Prompt worked to make sure you have real-time, trustworthy data in clicks, not cobbled-together Excel reports. You’ll have a firmer grasp on practice health and it will be easier to prioritize decisions that impact business growth. 

This is achieved via a collection of reports. Learn more about Prompt’s reporting capabilities here:

  • “As the owner and CEO, my favorite tools are the Dashboard and Reports that give me an incredible birds eye view of the business. With access to all of my company’s data in real-time, I am able to focus my efforts on the areas that need the most attention day-to-day or week-to-week,” Amanda Brewer, owner and CEO, Brewer Physical Therapy.
  • “With our old systems, we could never really trust the reports because you’d run them multiple times and get different results or they just wouldn’t be working. We never have that problem with Prompt and the real-time reports help us evaluate our business and track KPIs to be proactive about managing our business,” Chris Campbell, founder, Sport & Spine Physical Therapy.


There you have it. These five meaningful benefits (better patient outcomes; less therapist burnout; reduced staffing challenges; increased margins; and the ability to manage objectively) are the result of years of developing software that does far more than a standard EMR.

“Since switching to Prompt, we’ve seen an uptick in revenue, a decrease in cost, and have happier employees and patients. For us, Prompt is the only EMR out there doing innovative things and the automation that is offered combined with the Customer Services is second to none. Switching to Prompt has made a huge impact for us and we can’t recommend it highly enough.” — Kathleen Monteiro, Head of Operations, Achieve PT

It’s time to rethink what PT software should be doing for your practice. Learn more about switching to Prompt.

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