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Cheers and Happy New Year to our friends in the PT community and beyond!

It’s no secret: Outpatient therapy faces declining reimbursement, rising costs, and staffing challenges. Despite those, in 2023 Prompt customers achieved incredible results using software built to empower clinic growth.

Here are a few highlights from Prompt’s 2023 Year in Review. (Check out the full report here!)

Customer outcomes when using Prompt

We are constantly amazed by the responses we see from happy customers, whether in our Customer Success chats or in unsolicited comments on social media. Seeing the actual numbers from their clinics takes it even further, and last year these businesses experienced some truly incredible growth with a little help from Prompt as their EMR and Practice Management software.

These outcomes included:

  • Average revenue growth: 37.2%
  • Average revenue growth per provider: $24,756
  • Average revenue growth per provider (Prompt Plus clinics): $31,710
  • Average increase in visits: 23.9%

2023 year in review

Prompt Plus customers were also able to generate some impressive word of mouth to their practices, with an average of 22 new Google Reviews per month that averaged a 4.94 rating. We can’t wait to see the new business that this helps generate in 2024, and for our customers to help more patients reach their treatment goals.

Major product releases and consistent innovation

We believe our customers are the most important members of our team – our product development is steered by the honest feedback and feature requests we hear each day. We realize the needs of physical therapists and outpatient rehab teams are changing in real time, so their tools need to evolve with them. And thanks to our customers helping us understand these needs, 2023 was a particularly huge year of innovation at Prompt.

Over the course of the year, we launched over 125 feature updates designed with every role at a clinic in mind, the majority of which were directly informed by real customer requests. This included our biggest release ever, Prompt 7.0, which received a warm welcome from our customers who were excited to let us know their favorite new features.

2023 year in review

A few of the most notable product updates included:

  • Note-taking shortcuts to decrease documentation time (The Therapist Command Line)
  • Advanced task management
  • Billing 2.0, which we’ll continue rolling out and improving this year
  • Improved remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM)
  • Better visibility into patient chart changes (The Patient Change Log)

Growing our team and building something truly special

Perhaps our proudest accomplishment this year was doubling the size of our team, while not only maintaining but *improving* our overall customer satisfaction rating. We understand the challenges of scaling a tech company without sacrificing quality, especially in the fast-changing remote work landscape. And we are so grateful for each member of our team for going all-in with us on Prompt’s mission to create such a trusted product and partnership with our customers.

PPS 2023

Looking ahead!

As we start writing the next chapter, we’ll continue treating each day at Prompt like the most important one – because it is. And it’s impossible to describe how thankful we are for the customers, new and old, that are joining us for this ride.

Thank you to everyone on the Prompt team, each and every Prompt user, our business partners, and our peers in the space for helping to push this industry forward. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

For more details, or to share with a team that’s considering a new EMR, check out Prompt’s 2023 Year-in-Review.

Prompt Staff

Prompt Therapy Solutions builds practice management software for physical therapy clinics ranging from single provider practices and startups, to large enterprise organizations.

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