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Owner’s Problem in Physical Therapy

The average physical therapy clinic loses 27.1% of their potential top-line revenue each year and most owner’s don’t even know. Here are the key problems in the physical therapy industry and how Prompt solves them.

The problem:

  1. Owners need to use multiple pieces of software to run their clinic
  2. The existing software solutions are hard-to-use, difficult to train new employees on, and decrease efficiency
  3. There is a communication gap between the biller and the owner, the biller and the therapists, and the owner and their staff
  4. Clinics lose money due to these issues, often losing up to 20-25% of potential revenue
  5. Owners are not aware that they lose hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential revenue

From a physical therapy clinic owner

“Prior to using Prompt EMR & practice management, I had to use five pieces of software to manage my entire clinic and none of them worked well, talked with each other, or helped improve the efficiency of my practice,” Lawrence Kim, owner of Edge Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine said. “My billing company was way behind and not doing a good job, but I often had no idea and my therapists spend hours of their time after work to catch up on documentation.”

Prompt’s solution

Prompt EMR & practice management software was built with the owner’s needs in minds and solves the issues in the following ways:

  1. Providing a fully-featured, fully-integrated platform that handles all of a clinics needs
  2. Built with modern user interface principles, works on all devices the same, and is easy to learn how to use
  3. Advanced notification and analytics system keeps all members of the team in the loop and holds each stakeholder accountable for completing their tasks in a timely manner
  4. Growing clinic revenue by optimizing claim submission and appeals processes, improving documentation, and reducing clinic inefficiencies
  5. Educating owners and stakeholders of a clinic on the issues causing lost revenue and how to remove them from day-to-day operations

From a physical therapy clinic owner

“Prompt changed our practice for the better and alleviated the burden of owning a clinic,” Dr. Kim said. “With Prompt, my therapists can document on the fly and in an optimal manner and they no longer have to worry about tricky billing logic. I was able to take my billing in-house because Prompt automates much of the complexity. Finally, their advanced notifications and analytics give me a clear picture of how my clinic performs on a day-to-day basis and where there is room for improvement.”

Prompt EMR & practice management – A fully-integrated physical therapy software platform

Learn more about how Prompt EMR and practice management is changing the landscape in physical therapy with a revolutionary approach to software. With built-in documentation, billing, and Medicare logic, Prompt provides therapists, front desk employees, billers, and owners the tools they need to reduce clinic inefficiencies, grow profit margins, and improve patient outcomes.

See how Prompt EMR and practice management can help your clinic! Schedule a demo today!

Prompt Staff

Prompt Therapy Solutions builds practice management software for physical therapy clinics ranging from single provider practices and startups, to large enterprise organizations.

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