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Introducing Online Scheduling and Plan of Care Compliance Automation for Physical Therapy

WHOOP WHOOP! Version 6.2 of Prompt’s EMR & Practice Management Software is now live!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Version 6.2 of Prompt’s all-in-one EMR and practice management Software. This update was packed with exciting features and improvements to help clinical providers, medical billers, front desk managers, and physical therapy clinic owners excel in their respective positions. 

At Prompt, customer feedback drives our development roadmap so that we can ensure we’re building the best possible solution for the physical therapy industry. This release alone checked off OVER 60 customer requested improvements or features across the product. 

This update was developed with business automation and workflow optimization in mind, as we deployed several major new features that will streamline and automate the complex scheduling processes in physical therapy clinics. Included in this release is Prompt’s best-in-class Online Scheduling and Plan of Care Compliance Automation tools, which will drive increased profitability and better patient outcomes. Learn more about the entire new release by reading on. 

Over the past 12 months, we have focused on automating as much of a practice as possible to enable your team to focus on work that computers can’t do, such as relationship building, treating patients and more. This release is another in a series of releases that includes several automation and workflow optimization features. 

Featured Update

Online Scheduling

Prompt’s new online scheduling functionality is designed to help your existing patients schedule their follow-up visits in just a few clicks while taking into account their unique scheduling requirements. This is a great complementary tool for our powerful BetterHealthcare Integration which provides the ultimate solution for attracting and scheduling new patients. Prompt enables patients to book multiple follow-up visits in a single booking flow with their therapist, without having to create an account. It presents time slots that are truly available appointment times due to our real-time feed from the Prompt EMR Scheduling Module. Additionally, it guides the patient to book the correct number of appointments per week according to their PT’s plan of care. 

Unlike other medical professions, such as orthopedic surgery or your primary care physician, who see their patients once a year or at nonstandard intervals, physical therapy patients generally have recurring visits in order to succeed in their rehabilitation goals. Traditional online scheduling tools allow a user to book only one visit at a time meaning if they wanted to book 10 visits over the next 6 weeks, they would have to loop through that whole process 10 times. This creates friction and causes frustration and drop-off in the online scheduling workflow. Prompt solves that problem. 

Prompt’s unique online scheduling workflow empowers the patient to book more than one visit during a single flow. This means a patient can book out their entire Plan of Care for an extended period of time with minimal effort. This leads to an increase in clinic revenue due to patients not being underbooked for their Plan of Care as well as increased success for patients due to the fact that they are following their Plan of Care. 

Feature Improvements

  • Managing Unsigned Documents
      • We made sweeping improvements to our Unsigned Documents Tool in order to streamline workflows. The new user interface is optimized for sorting, filtering, and taking primary actions for all of the documents you’re awaiting signatures on, helping ensure that you never forget to have a Plan of Care signed again.
  • Plan of Care blocking for advanced POC’s
      • Plan of Cares are rarely ever as straightforward as “3x per week forever”. More realistically, they are “3x a week for 6 weeks, then 2x a week for 4 weeks, then once a week till goals are met”. Prompt now supports this level of flexibility in the clinical treatment and documentation toolset.
  • Enhanced Flowsheet View
    • In this release, Clinicians get to experience a new and improved view of their flowsheet, that maximizes what they can see on one screen to reduce scrolling and leverages a beautiful interface to streamline clinical coding and flowsheet documentation.

Wrapping Up

6.2 is packed with some exciting features and improvements but this wasn’t all of them. Prompt users are delivered user-specific release videos, and full release notes with a complete set of changes, additions, and improvements and can access all of our training materials and feature update articles in our training system. We expect great things in the coming releases and look forward to continuing to build best-in-class physical therapy software.

If you’d like a free physical therapy EMR demo of Prompt you can schedule one here.

Prompt Staff

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