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New physical therapy clinic

So, you are thinking about opening a new physical therapy clinic? We know you have a million things to handle in the process, but one item you don’t need to worry about is figuring out which EMR and practice management software you should choose. Prompt’s all-in-one EMR, practice management, scheduling, billing, and HEP software is the PERFECT solution for any physical therapist who is opening a new practice. 

As the proud owner of a new clinic, you are going to have to focus on a few areas, and Prompt is uniquely positioned to help you excel in all of them.

Area One: getting new patients

The lifeblood of a new physical therapy clinic is getting patients in the door. Prompt is built to help you do that. Here’s how:

First, we help you set up a Google My Business page and walk you through the ins and outs of this feature that will help you win on search in your area and capture new patients from Google. Here’s a detailed blog we wrote on how to set up and optimize your listing: Google My Business Listing Blog

Second, Prompt EMR is the ONLY EMR system in the industry that includes a FREE subscription to BetterPT, the online patient booking community that drives anywhere from 2-4 new patients a month to your clinic. With the Prompt/BetterPT Partnership, you will get additional SEO help for your new website as well as the ability for new patients to book an appointment from your website directly into Prompt EMR while capturing all crucial demographic and insurance info without ever picking up the phone. With each new patient worth ~$1,200 to a new clinic, this is crucial to starting up a practice. 

Finally, Prompt’s powerful analytics module gives you the ability to keep track of all your referral sources and identify the most profitable sources of revenue so that you can network and build stronger relationships with the people that matter. 

Area Two: streamlined billing and easy payment collections

New clinic owners often have limited experience in physical therapy billing and will typically not have a lot of free time to spend on billing. With Prompt, we let clinic owners focus on treating patients and growing their business, as our billing platform is built into our EMR and enables a therapist to easily and confidently bill their claims in seconds. 

Prompt has a built-in alert system that lets the therapist know about missing modifiers, non-billable diagnosis codes, and more. This alerts system lets a new clinic know that they are submitting valid claims that will receive payment from the insurance carrier. 

In addition, Prompt will work with a new clinic owner to handle all EDI and ERA/EFT enrollments with insurance carriers to ensure the clinic receives electronic payments, streamlining the payment collection process. 

Third, Prompt has an end-to-end integration with Stripe that enables clinic owners to collect credit card payments in the clinic that auto-post to the patients balance. In addition, this integration enables a clinic to email invoices to patients that can be paid by credit card without having to call the owner of a clinic and waste their time. Again, these payments auto-post to the patient’s account in Prompt. 

Finally, Prompt’s powerful Billing Grid View enables an owner to easily view an entire ERA and post a payment in seconds. Prompt’s billing module was built to optimize workflows and minimize the time wasted on menial tasks. 

As Sam Fischer, owner of Choice City Physical Therapy said,

“Prompt is fast, reliable, and flows perfectly from documentation to submitting a claim. Prompt gave me my Saturday mornings back as I was able to get all my billing done easily during working hours.”

Area Three: robust analytics module

As a new clinic owner, you are going to need data to run your business, improve, and learn how to grow. Prompt gives you the most robust and easiest-to-understand reporting module in the physical therapy industry. 

As a system, since we capture every touchpoint for a clinic, we give you reporting metrics on every aspect of your new clinic. 

Want to know how many new patients you had last month? Prompt has you covered. Curious to know how many claims were submitted last week? Prompt has you covered. Want to know your average time to reimbursement by carrier? Prompt has you covered. 

In addition to those reports, Prompt has many more that are visually appealing and easy-to-understand to give you the tools to grow your new business. 

Learn more about reporting

Area Four: industry-leading customer support team and reliability

Last but certainly not least, Prompt provides the best customer support in the industry and has 99.99% uptime on the platform. 

Prompt offers live chat support in the product, a robust user guide with Smart Help (recommend articles based on what page you are on), and you get access to at least one support rep’s personal phone line. 24/7, 365 days a year. 

If you have a question about the software, have a billing question, or just have ideas about growing your clinic that you want to bounce off of a Prompt support rep, we are there to answer your questions. 

Prompt’s multi-layer reliability means you will never be prevented from doing your job due to software issues.

Learn more about support at Prompt


We have now detailed four areas about how Prompt’s all-in-one, revolutionary system helps a new physical therapy practice thrive. As a new clinic owner, you have a thousand things on your plate. However, selecting the right software to run your business is not one of them. 

Prompt is the only system in the industry that is truly all-in-one and enables a new clinic to accomplish everything they need to in an easy, consistent manner. Prompt gives you the tools to grow your new business without spending a lot of time on frustrating, hard-to-use software. 

Schedule a demo today to learn how Prompt can help your new clinic. 

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Adam Baliatico

Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Prompt Therapy Solutions

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